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In the recent years, many countries in the world have experienced progressive economic development. This is caused by various factors such as: advancement in technology, education and proper utilization of natural resources. This improvement has increased the peoples’ well-being in the society due to the fact that their standards of living improve. This development however, has made people adopt lifestyles which include: less physical exercise, less hours of sleep and improper diet. Such lifestyles have made people gain excessive body weight.  A person is said to be gaining weight when energy in his/her body is not properly utilized which in turn leads to storage of fat and carbohydrates in the body. Individuals with excessive body weight do not experience proper circulation of blood since fat clogs the veins and arteries which can later lead to heart attack and hypertension. Researchers believe that, maintaining the proper body weight minimizes one’s chance of getting infected with cardiovascular diseases. Weight loss can be caused by a number of undesirable factors such as: diseases and impaired digestion. Impaired digestion can occur as a result of infestation of parasites such as tapeworms. These cause the amount of nutrients absorbed to reduce causing weight loss. Diseases cause weight loss since germs cause destruction of cells causing loss of body fluid and mass.

There are ten safe ways that can be used by individuals to ensure proper weight loss which are:

10. Add Blue Color to Your Life

10Add Blue Color to Your Life

It has been discovered by food experts that adding blue color to your life reduces weight loss. Sounds weird? Of course it does, but how? This method of reducing weight works sub-consciously with the mind. How it does that, is simply by reducing one’s appetite. Blue color has the ability of discouraging one from taking a lot of food compared to other colors such as red, green and yellow.  By reducing appetite, less food is consumed therefore leading to a decrease in the quantity of energy stored. This method has been therefore been encouraged by scientists as a method of reducing excessive weight for individuals who are obese.

9. Have Vitamin C Enriched Food


Vitamin C can be used to reduce body weight. It has been discovered that most people who are obese not only take foods with a large quantity of fat but also take less food containing vitamins. Foods rich in vitamins include most fruits like oranges. Vitamin C reduces body weight by facilitating metabolism. It is important as it produces a compound called carnitine which is used in the process of respiration where excess fat is broken down to produce energy. This can be demonstrated by taking oranges during cold water. What happens is that, vitamin C facilitates breakdown of fat causing production of more heat. It’s therefore crucial to consider consumption of vitamin C enriched food as a measure of counteracting excessive body weight.

8. Use Substitutes of Desserts and Ice Creams


Desserts and ice creams are energy-rich foods. They contain a lot of sugar and fat which when consumed, cause an increase in the body weight. When the food is broken down into glucose, it is absorbed in the blood where it is transported to the body cells where it’s broken down into energy. Excess glucose is transported to the liver where it’s converted into glycogen and fat. Fat can be stored beneath the skin tissue and excess is stored in the blood vessels and the heart. When this excess glucose is not broken down, it results to an increase in the body weight. It is therefore recommended by scientists that one should consume foods that have less sugar content such as fruits.

7. Avoid Excessive Sleep


Excessive sleep is another major cause of weight gain. When one sleeps, the body uses less energy compared to an active person. During sleep, energy is used for heartbeat, breathing and some movements. However, an active person utilizes more energy in movement and other activities hence an active person can reduce the chance of being obese compared to a person who sleeps excessively. During sleep, there’s a lot of glucose in the blood which is normally converted to glycogen and fat which is stored in the body causing an increase in the body weight. Enough rest and being active is therefore important for one to maintain the proper body weight.

6. Kick the habit


You may be wandering which habit am referring to, but am referring to any addictive lifestyle that leads to an increase in body weight. Those people who have the habit of consuming foods rich in sugar should minimize their consumption as it would lead to an increase in body weight. They should also take meals with a balanced diet. This would help in the maintenance of proper body weight. Inactive people should at least kick that habit by not sleeping excessively so as to maintain the proper body weight. They should also carry out exercises so as to burn excess calories. This in the long-run would lead to the reduction of body weight.

5. East Five Small Meals instead of 3 Large Meals a Day


It’s not mandatory that a person should take three meals a day. One should actually eat when hungry, as this would help in the efficient consumption of energy. Three large meals take a longer time to get digested. As a result, there’s a lot of glucose absorbed which might not be utilized by the body. This then leads to storage of glucose as fat in the adipose tissue of the skin. This leads to an increase in body weight. Five small meals however, get digested within a shorter time hence energy is consumed by the body efficiently. When one feels hungry, it’s an indication from the body that the glucose in the bloodstream has been efficiently broken down.

 4. Avoid Fast Foods


Fast foods include foodstuffs such as: crisps, chips etc. which people purchase for consumption without having to cook. Most people with a tight schedule prefer fast foods to cooked food because they are readily available. These foods are highly rich in sugar and fat hence provide energy to those people who take them. The energy produced may not entirely be consumed by the body leading to storage of glucose in the form of fat. This in the long-run leads to an increase in body weight. Scientists therefore discourage frequent consumption of such foods so as to avoid obesity and encourage fat release foods.

3. Walking


Exercise is one of the most natural ways of reducing body weight. Exercises such as walking can reduce body weight by encouraging breakdown of excess glucose in the body. This as a result leads to breakdown of fat that is stored in the adipose tissue of the skin leading to a reduction in the body weight. Besides that, walking encourages circulation of blood to the body tissues. This facilitates utilization of energy in the body. For one to be considered to be active, the person should at least go for a thirty=minute walk on a daily basis. Walking also helps reduce body weight by encouraging sweating. Sweat composes of a mixture of water and wastes such as urea. Most water in the body is a by-product of respiration.

 2. Drink Plenty of Water


Water consumption leads to reduction of body weight. When taken before a meal, it induces a feeling of being full therefore discouraging the person from consuming a lot of food. This reduces the amount of calories consumed leading to a reduction of body weight. Cold water leads to more weight loss compared to warm water. This is because, when the cold water reaches the stomach, the body tissues burn up fat and glucose so as to produce heat which warms the water to body temperature. People should replace sweet drinks such as sprite with water so as to increase the rate of weight loss. It is also add water to their diet so as to reduce the consumption of food which leads to the reduction of body weight.

1. Always Go for Fat Releasing Foods


Some types of food can lead to loss of body weight. They work in numerous ways, some can consume a lot of energy during breakdown while others use other ways of reducing body weight. Foods such as chewing sugarcane can cause the body to produce a lot of energy during chewing. Others such as fruits contain vitamin C which encourages breakdown of excess glucose. Such foods can cause a reduction in body weight. They are important since they prevent obesity hence discouraging heart diseases in the long run.  Scientists encourage people to take plenty of fat releasing foods.