Easy and Smart Ways to Boost Your Home's Winter Curb Appeal

Easy and Smart Ways to Boost Your Home's Winter Curb Appeal

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Selling your house in winter can be a little underwhelming for potential buyers with the majority of property’s gardens looking as bad as the weather itself. While in summer and spring you get those lush green lawns with colours from flowers and trees which make your curb appeal outstanding, the situation in winter is completely different. However, just because the weather doesn’t allow for greenery, doesn’t mean you can’t still maintain the outdoors and make it appealing to buyers even during those chilly winter months.

Property experts from House Sales Direct have gathered some of their top tips to boost your home’s winter appeal and thus your market value, giving you a smart and easy solution. Anything from general maintenance to creating an ambiance with lights could seriously impress any potential buyer and give you a better chance of securing a quicker sale of your house.

1. Take Care of The Front Door

As first impressions go, one of the initial things a buyer sees is the front door. If you want to make a positive impression, you should make sure that it is well maintained and doesn’t look old and tired. For example, a fresh coat of paint could go a long way and it won’t cost you much. If you want to add something extra, hanging a seasonal wreath could do wonders for you too. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy and glamourous, especially if Christmas has already passed. Getting a wreath that is simple, yet stylish with seasonal notes like snow and pinecones will really show the buyers that you put some effort and thought into preparing for the viewings.

2. Basic Landscaping

Many people ditch the landscaping work during the winter months simply because it is too cold and rainy outside. And while the majority of people will try to justify the fact that they haven’t really made their outdoors very presenting due to the weather and the fact that no one else is doing it, you could go the extra mile and surprise your potential buyers. Even if that means you spending some time in the cold trimming your bushes, clearing the pathways and doing general maintenance, you will definitely feel the effects it has during viewings.

3. Add a Christmas Tree

Whether there is snow or not or even if it’s not Christmas anymore, you could still place a Christmas tree somewhere in your garden. It doesn’t have to be the size of your indoors one, you could literally have a small one nicely placed close to your front door for decoration. What’s more, you could add some fairy lights to it that don’t require a power socket for those dark hours of the day. It’s highly likely that your potential buyers will appreciate the effort put into decorating the outdoors during this cold season.

4. Exterior Lighting

Winter days are known for how short they are and the limited light we get during the day is not always enough. If you happen to have a later viewing after 5pm, you may have to show your house in the dark which doesn’t always look very welcoming. That is why you could use this to your advantage and create a warm ambiance and glow in your garden. Anything from the lights from the Christmas tree to an outdoor lamp or a lantern will be the ideal touch for the front of your home. This will make your house much more inviting and add a sense of security as well. There are many little DIY projects which can help you make the perfect lighting for your front garden in no time and on a budget.

5. Pop of Colour

Winter is gloomy and dark enough as it is so why not add a pop of colour and make your home stand out from the rest? If you’ve decided to give your door a fresh coat of paint, you could opt for a brighter colour that will contrast the dullness of the winter season. Another way to ensure some colourfulness is by looking at winter flowers which can survive the harsh conditions while also remaining healthy and fresh enough to bring that much desired colour. For example, the Camellia is such a flower which when planted can give your curb appeal a nice, welcoming pop of colour. If you struggle to find flowers and plants that will do the job, you could alternatively search for bright coloured pots for them.

In conclusion, it’s important to say that anything you do to improve your winter curb appeal can go a long way with your potential buyers and you can rest assured the effort you’ve put will be appreciated. When everything is dull and gloomy, a small change and pop of colour can wow your viewer and quickly increase your selling chances.