Tantalizing Desserts of all Times

Tantalizing Desserts of all Times

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We all know that sumptuous meals are never complete without dessert. Each cook tries to spice their meals with a different types of desserts.  There are many desserts to choose from, we have cakes, ice cream, puddings and pies. It is upon the cook to go for the recipe he or she wants in order to prepare a suitable dessert. Whether one is looking to indulge in a sinful treat by taking too much sweets or looking for a healthy alternative to sweets, you will find it at the confectionary shops or eating places.

10. Loong Fatt Eating House and Confectionary- Singapore


In the best top ten desserts to eat, Loong Fatt Eating House and Confectionary is placed at position 10. Situated at Balestier Road, Loong fatt House and Confectionary is known for its sweet taste of coffee together with the pastry and puffs commonly known as Tau Sar Piah. It is known for selling the best tau sar piahs. It operates from Monday till Saturdays and only closes on Sunday. Known to serve breakfast and offer takeaways, Loong Fatt Eating House has become famous over the years. Loong Fatt Eating House neighbours Balestier, Whampoa and Boon Keng.

 9. Lamingtons at Flour and Stone – Sydney


In the best top ten desserts to eat, Lamingtons at Flour and Stone is ranked at position 9. There is no place that lamingtons would taste yummier than at flour and stone in Sydney. The lamingtons there are marvellously good with a smidge of cheery inside, the feeling is just wow! Flour and stone offer a wonderful selection of bakery items including breads, pastries and cookies. They do make coffee too. Their opening hours are 7.00 am- 4.00 pm Mondays to Saturdays only.

8. Morning Call – New Orleans


In the best top ten desserts to eat, Morning Call is ranked number 8.  It is the most famous coffee house in New Orleans. It has been serving coffee and beignets to its locals since 1870 and has earned its title as one of the world’s great coffee houses. Their coffee is unique with a blend of tradition. Their coffee referred to as the café au lait is brewed using the time tested ‘french drip method’ this method makes the coffee build intensity and body and together with the whole milk added after having been heated to a near boil. Morning call changed their location from Decatur Street to the Burgeoning parish of Jefferson in 1974. They operate every day except on Christmas Day.

 7. Café Central – Vienna


 In the best top ten desserts to eat, Café Central is placed at position 7. It offers the best desserts in Vienna. Accompanied with their sweet coffee, get to enjoy their delicious cakes, sweets and pastries. The decor creates an ambience that makes one feel welcomed. Their dessert is created in an artistic way when served. Like their orange dessert is a lovely work of art. It is operational from 7.30 am – 10.00 pm every day.

 6. Xocolat – Vienna


 In the best top ten desserts to eat, Xocolat is placed at position 6. They have appeared in this position because they make the best chocolate. Their handmade chocolates makes your mouth water. They are known as gourmet chocolate. A visit to the Xocolat Manufaktur as you peep through the window, you will not fail to notice chocolatiers at work rolling out, shaping and drizzling chocolates on huge tables. The passion to make delicious chocolates dates back to Christian Petz who was the brain child. You can also order their chocolates online. They are located at Servitengasse 5, 9th district.

 5. Ice Monster – Taipei


 In the best top ten desserts to eat, Ice Monster is ranked 5th.  They are the best dessert restaurant in Taipei since 1995. They offer strawberry ice shaving and mangos ice shaving. They have their specialities during winter; hot desserts like ginger soup with sweet potato, stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup. They do balance the sweet and sour proportions of every dessert and make sure that only fresh fruits are used. Therefore their service consists of different ice shaving served with fresh fruits, sauce, ice-cream, and evaporated milk, tastes yummy!

 4. Habibah, Amman – Jordan


 In the best top ten dessert to eat, Habibah, Amman is placed at position 4. Habibah Sweets is best known for its Palestinian style dessert called Knafeh. This dessert is made of very fine vermicelli pastry at the top and the bottom graced with goat cheese. When in Amman, do not forget to visit Habibah and order for Fine Knafeh and Coarse Knafeh with sugar syrup sprinkled on top. Very delicious! They are also known for sweets, chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice-cream and cheesecakes.

 3. Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream, Cambridge – Massachusetts


 In the best top ten dessert to eat, Christina’s Homemade Ice- Cream is ranked 3rd. Having been recognised by magazines like The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, The Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix, The Weekly Dig and many others. They have the best taste bud tantalizing flavours. Christina’s Homemade Ice-Cream has been there long enough having been established in 1983. Situated in Inman Square near Harvard and M.I.T. They operate from 11.30 am to 10.30 pm, Monday through Sunday.

 2. Cristalli di Zucchero – Rome

2-Cristalli di Zucchero

 In the best top ten dessert to eat, Cristalli di Zucchero is position 2. They are famous for serving the best dessert around the world. Here people line up as early as 7 am to be served with sticky buns drip with caramel pecans and donuts. Here the dessert can make you break all the rules of eat with moderation, save the best for the last – and give in to sugary bliss no matter what time of day. Their desserts are shaved ice piled high with fresh fruit, mango pudding and sorbet. There are also classic cakes like millefoglie and delicious croissants. Cristalli di Zucchero is located just above Circo Massimo.

 1. Mr Minsch – BerlinCrist


 In the best top ten dessert to eat, Mr. Minsch is position 1. An experience he got from his parents, Andreas Minsch has created the best desserts and cookies over the years. He has spent more time with pots and pans than most people. Nowadays Minsch makes strawberry almond cakes after pursuing a career as a master pastry chef. One of his biggest seller is the Black Forrest cake. He does wonders with his hands because he can make anything with sugar, flour, butter, eggs and chocolate to cakes that look like a handbag, a pair of shoes, and a skull.