Secretion Vs Excretion

Secretion Vs Excretion

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During your physical exercise, sweat emerges from the external layer of the skin due to the massive motion of the muscles and inner glands as well as the effect of the heat. What do you call this process that happens in the skin? Is it secretion or excretion? When you eat a citrus fruit such as lemon, strawberry or any sour food, there will be a reaction to your tongue in which saliva comes out. What do you call this process that occurs inside the mouth? Is it secretion or excretion?

Secretion is derived from the French word “secretion” and from Latin “secretion” which means to separate. It is the substance or fluid produced from the chemicals synthesized, released and oozed from the cells or glands. Some of the processes of secretion that happens within the body are acid production, reproduction of hormones or formulation of saliva. While, excretion refers to the metabolic waste products or unwanted components released or eliminated by the body. Some of the excretion processes include urination, defecation or perspiration.

Both secretion and excretion processes are necessary to maintain the balance and homeostasis of the internal and external parts of the body.