Towards A Healthier You

Towards A Healthier You

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Everyone strives to be healthy because when you are healthy then you are not prone to any attack from disease. No one wants to be sick, well, to avoid being sick then we should at least eat one of the 10 healthiest foods on the Planet. Apart from that we should also exercise. Although at times healthy foods do not taste nice, we should just insist on eating them. Healthy eating is not about following nutrition to an extent that you become thin but rather feeling nice, having more strength, controlling that strength and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. One can achieve this by learning some bits of nutrition and using them well. The best way to begin is from the shopping. One should make sure that he is buying the right foods stuff. If you know that you crave for junk food, avoid thinks like ice-cream, candy and chips because you might be tempted to eat them. Healthy food contains vitamin, mineral and other nutrients that prevent diseases like cancer, heart disease and born disease. It also has more nutrients per calorie.

1. Lemon


In the top ten ranking, Lemon takes the first position. One Lemon contains 100% vitamin C and a daily dose of it, helps to increase good HDL. Vitamin C is one of the main antioxidants found in food and also in the body. It stops the invention of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, it makes ones immune system to be strong so that the person is free from any flu or colds. Lemon makes the bones strong and lowers the cholesterol level. It also contains flavonoid which destroys the growth of cancer cells and reduces chances of blood clot. It has also been noted that lemon prevents one from getting attacked by cholera if taken as juice after eating every day. Apart from that, it protects against Rheumatoid Arthritis, so in case one is experiencing some pain at the knee joint then one should take lemon.

From the above it is clear that the following foods deserve to be in the top ten positions for they have a lot of nutrients that make the body healthy.

2. Broccoli


In the top ten ranking, Broccoli is ranked as number two that means it contains high nutrients that is healthy for the body. Broccoli is an edible plant in the cabbage family. Its large head is used as a vegetable. Just a stalk of broccoli contains more than a vitamin K and almost 200% of vitamin C. Broccoli has body building nutrients therefore it is good for those who want to keep fit and also those who like lifting weights. It cures breast, colon and lung cancer. It also boosts immune system, making one not susceptible to disease. Broccoli also contains antioxidant and sulforaphane which destroys the cancer in the body. It is advisable to steam broccoli for five minutes instead of boiling it because boiling destroys the sulforaphane. Finally it builds vitamin D deficiency epidemic.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

In the top ten ranking, dark chocolate is number three. Our heart pumps blood everyday therefore when one takes dark chocolate, it reduces the blood pressure. This mainly happens when someone eats little bits of dark chocolate three or four times in a week. It also prevents blood clot from forming because the blood flows freely. It also makes the arteries not to be hard. A bar of dark chocolate contains 53.5 milligrams of flavonoids. Eating dark chocolate is good for the brain because it makes the blood flow to the brain be a lot so that one cannot get a stroke. For those with diabetes, it helps in controlling blood sugar. Once it does this, it protects type 2 diabetes because the flavonoids in the dark chocolate make the cells to work by lowering the insulin resistance. Dark chocolate is also has a lot antioxidants which makes the body not to be attacked by harmful things that can damage the body cells. To add onto that, it contains vitamins and minerals. It makes our teeth to harden because of a substance known as Theobromine.

4. Potatoes


In the top ten ranking, potatoes are ranked forth. Potatoes originated from the Andean Mountains in South America. Potato is harvested all the time. One red potato has 66 micrograms of cell- building foliate which is equivalent that found in spinach and broccoli. Both sweet potato and red potato are important. Sweet potato has vitamin A which boosts the immune system and prevents cancer. Potato contains vitamin B6 and all other sufficient antioxidants. Potato is also rich in carotenoid, flavonoids and caffeic acid.

5. Salmon


In the top ten ranking, salmon is ranked number five. Omega fatty acid is found in salmon. This acid fight diseases like heart disease, depression and cancer. Just 50 percent of our daily amount of niacin protects one against so many diseases one being memory loses. With eating of salmon, one’s body is susceptible to blood clotting. Salmon is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin D, biotin and potassium. It also contains bioactive peptides that takes care of the joint cartilage, insulin and making sure there is no swelling in the digestive tract.

6. Walnuts


In the top ten ranking, Walnut is ranked number six because it contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps reduce cholesterol. Omega 3 fights so many diseases like cancer, sun damages and more to it , it improves the mood. Therefore people should eat a lot of nuts so that they maintain a happy mood free from stress. When you feel that you are sleeping a lot, one should eat walnut because the antioxidant melatonin found in the nut prevents one from sleeping.

7. Avocado


In the top ten ranking, Avocado is ranked number seven. Avocado is rich in healthy fat actually avocado’s fat scares people because they wonder whether they are taking too much fat yet a lot of fat is dangerous but people should not worry because the fat is the most healthiest. The fat lowers cholesterol instead of increasing it. Avocado reduces heart disease through the fibre and 40 percent of foliate if taken every day. Avocado absorbs nutrients like beta-carotene when added to salad.

8. Garlic


In the top ten ranking, garlic is number eight. Garlic is a strong fighter of disease because it can stop the growth of bacteria and E coli from the body. Garlic is important because it lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. For those who are nearing obese then garlic is the remedy. Garlic should not be over boiled. Garlic cooked for more than 10 minutes gets rid of its nutrients and therefore if eaten will not have any food value. There is the ‘bad’ cholesterol and the ‘good’ cholesterol. Garlic prevents the ‘bad’ cholesterol from making the blood be overly sticky.

9. Spinach


In the top ten ranking, spinach is ranked ninth. Spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants that protect the eye from infection. Antioxidants are  vitamin C and other nutrients. Spinach is known to fight prostate cancer. For those who are old it takes care of macular degeneration. For one the best results boil spinach for only one minute in order to reduce the concentration of oxalic acid. How is it best stored?, in sunlight than in darkness because darkness kills the nutrients. It is also good for stress so to avoid stress one should take spinach.

10. Beans


In the top ten ranking, Beans is ranked number 10 this is because it contains some nutrients that are healthy to the body. Eating beans, peas and lentils always makes one not be susceptible to heart disease. Apart from the heart disease, it can also reduce breast cancer. The darker the beans, the more nutritious it can be. Therefore black beans are the best because they contain antioxidants. Its contents of antioxidant are 40 times more than white beans. Black beans have foliate, vitamin B1, magnesium, fibre, potassium and iron. Black beans are good for the digestive track and is also good for the colon. There has always been a debate whether is it good to soak beans and pour the water after soaking or not. The best answer is soaking beans is good and pouring the water after soaking is also advisable because we are getting rid of phytates and tannins that lowers the nutrient content.