Learn To Pick The Best Among The Lot Of Pizza Outlets

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Choosing a pizza outlet that meets you and your family’s needs is important for several reasons. Primarily, pizza is food, and more importantly, it is not junk food. Pizza is a healthy alternative to regular home cooked food and can replace conventional dinner as well as lunch plans on a regular basis. If you are part of a family that has a busy schedule, which can be said of most families in this fast paced world, depending on delivered food is a fair norm.

Of all types of food that can be delivered, perhaps the best option is pizza because it is the only food item that can get delivered in twenty minutes or less. In most cases, depending on your proximity to the nearest pizza outlet, you could even have pizza delivered as early as ten minutes. The idea is that you can be eating your share of the daily nutritional requirement as soon as you start feeling hungry. There is no lengthy wait time as you grow impatient while you wait for food to be delivered.

pizza outletGiven this importance that is placed on pizza, it is no surprise that you want to know how to choose the best pizza outlet in your neighbourhood.

Time To Travel

Usually, we would recommend that you start by looking at the pizza outlet that is closest to you, which makes a lot of sense. Lately, we have realized that the actual distance rarely matters as much as actual travel time.

For instance, let us say that you have a pizza outlet which is about a mile away from your place. Unfortunately, this one mile consists of three traffic junctions which add significantly to the travel time. Let us continue and consider another pizza outlet which is two miles away but has zero traffic junctions from your place to the pizza place. When you take traffic conditions into consideration the place that is far actually has a lower travel time.

Use this travel time factor to sort the list of pizza outlets in your neighbourhood. Once you factor in other components, you may decide to compromise on travel time. For instance, if one pizza outlet has a travel time of five minutes and another has six minutes, it is okay to put both of them in the same bracket.

Ordering Convenience

All pizza outlets allow you to call them and place the order. This is how it has been going on for decades now and there is no reason to suspect that any pizza outlet would not have this option.

On the other hand, some pizza outlets are beginning to embrace modern technology to serve their customers. Much of this modern tech we are talking about are things that are already part of our everyday life. Social media like Facebook and Twitter, Smartphones with app functionality and of course websites.

There are many pizza outlets that allow you to visit their site and place an order online. This is preferable by a number of pizza patrons who don’t want to speak on the phone. Some people don’t like hearing the menu over the phone because many of the options cannot be practically dictated over the phone. Sometimes, there could be a wait time on the phone, which can be discouraging. All this can make for a frustrating experience, made worse if you are really hungry when you make the call.

Online Based Ordering

Being able to order online gives you that freedom to browse the menu at a pace you are comfortable with. Online menus get updated with new prices and offers much faster than conventional menus. Some outlets are even coming up with Smartphone apps which are already the most popular way of using and consuming services among many phone users. One simply launches the app and gets their job done, like booking movie tickets or paying utility bills. Same features are now available with some pizza restaurants.

At this point, in the second decade of the twenty first century, we are pretty sure that you own at least one or more smart devices that may include a Smartphone or tablet or both. Recently there was a pizza outlet chain which released an app that allows pizza to be ordered from within a gaming console! So, yes, the availability of apps and online purchasing of pizza should be an option from your chosen pizza center. Check if such an app is available for your smart device before deciding to go with a particular outlet.

The author always decides to go with the option to order online pizza. Now, you can do the same and enjoy your pizza today!