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Are you a food lover? Or did you love food trip? If yes, this article will help you to find restaurants around New York City that will satisfy your mouth and stomach. New York is very popular in terms of restaurants. There are lots of restaurants around the city and I think that you will hardly choose which one of them you will visit first. All of them serve very delicious delicacies and cuisines that you will visit repeatedly. If you are watching American movies, you will notice that if the scene is in New York, we always find different restaurants. This is the reason why many people love New York

Are you planning to take a vacation in New York City? Why don’t you take a look at the restaurants? If you try to visit different restaurants, I think that you will love New York and you will visit it again.

Even there are lot of restaurants here, for sure, there are restaurants that is very popular and most visited because of their delicacies. So this article namely ‘Top Ten New York’s Restaurants for your Stomach’ will help you to locate the most popular and most visited restaurants. Prepare you notes and a pen, and take down these restaurants for your vacation.

10. Aureole


For those who want a good atmosphere while you are inside a restaurant, Aureole suits to you. There are lot of features that this restaurant has but I will show you some. The noticeable feature of Aureole is the tower of wines with wine angels. Next are their delicacies. Their foods, even expensive, are very delicious. According to most of the costumers of Aureole, their foods are really great. There are lots of good feedbacks from costumers of Aureole. So if you are worrying about your money, eating at Aureole will fill your satisfaction. Aureole is located at 135 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States. Come and visit this!

9. Daniel’s Restaurant


In our ninth place is Daniel’s restaurant. If you want to feel classic but elegant, this restaurant is good for. But you may confuse why it called Daniel’s restaurant. It is because of one of the most popular chef, Daniel Boulud. He is one of the responsible in running this business. This restaurant is so good. If you want a perfect place to have a date with your love ones, you will feel it at Daniel’s restaurant. You and your partner will feel the romantic spirit at this restaurant. It is very good if you are looking for a place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Daniel’s restaurant is located at 60 E 65th St, New York, NY 10065, United States. Try to visit and feel the love.

8. Jean Georges


Another outstanding restaurant is Jean Georges’ restaurant wherein you will feel the experience of classic, romance and power of their delicacies. According to different feedbacks given by the costumer of Jean Georges’ restaurant, you will not feel disappointed but instead you will feel comfortable. How about the foods they served? Their foods are very delicious and great. You will enjoy the food when you are in fine dining? Why? It is because you can eat different foods according to their variety like appetizer, main dish, their soups and many more. It is also perfect in dating or celebrating different event such as wedding anniversary. If you want to visit it, you can locate it at 1 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023, United States. Come and feel the ambiance!

7. Bouley


One of the most popular restaurants in New York is Bouley’s restaurant. Why? It is because of one of the known star chefs, Star Chef David Bouley. So we can assure that all foods served here is amazing. But take a look at the atmosphere inside the restaurant. You will feel comfortable and relax. Also, it is also a perfect place to date your love ones or special someone. How about their foods? They served French cuisines that twisted with modern Asian style. So we will not regret to eat to this type of restaurant. If you want to take a visit, it is located at 163 Duane St, New York, NY 10013, United States. Come and enjoy.

6. Nobu New York


This is one of the most visited restaurants in New York City, the Nobu restaurant. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is responsible in running this restaurant. If you want Japanese cuisines but you are not in Japan, take a visit to Nobu restaurant. They served different Japanese cuisines that will assure that it will fill your likes in Japanese foods. One of the signature dishes that Nobu restaurant served is Rock Shrimp Tempura, one of the appetizers served by the restaurant. Nobu restaurant located at 105 Hudson Street New York, NY 10013, United States. Come and taste the power of Japanese cuisines.

5. Blue Water Grill restaurant


When you first read or hear ‘Blue Water Grill’, what type of dishes comes to your mind? If your answer is all about seafoods, you’re right. Blue Water Grill restaurant serves different delicious seafood cuisines such as lobsters, shrimps, oysters and many more. You will really enjoy seafood dishes they served. If you don’t want very silent restaurants, go and come to Blue Water Grill restaurant. While you are eating, you will really enjoy the music of their restaurant. So not only the dishes you will really enjoy but also in music. So what are you waiting for? Come now at Union Square West, New York, United States of America.

4. Le Bernadin


Another New York’s seafood restaurant is serving. Le Bernadin is one of the New York’s prides in terms of restaurant. Why? It received different awards such as James Beard Awards. Also, Le Bernadin honoured by different companies ang organizations such as Michelin Guide, Zagat Guide, New York Magazine and New York Times. We will assure to you that if you will visit here, you will not feel disappointment. Visit Le Bernadin restaurant to know why it awarded and honoured. Want to take visit? It is located at 155 West 51st st., New York, near Seventh Avenue. Come now and enjoy the food and their ambiance.

3. Le Cirque restaurant


Now serving: Le Cirque restaurant owned by Sirio Macciono. It is one of the best restaurants located at New York City. They served different French cuisines with Italian influence. So if you want French cuisines because they are delicious, I think you will love it. Le Cirque differs in other restaurant in New York in terms of their decorations. W            hy? If you will take a look inside the restaurant, you will notice their decorations have a similarities to a circus. It is why this restaurant called it Le Cirque which means ‘the circus’. Le Cirque is located at 151 East, 55th st., New York.

2. Scarpetta


Are you a lover of Italian cuisines but you doesn’t want to eat in a very quiet place or restaurant? Scarpetta is best for you. Scarpetta restaurant served different Italian cuisines. One of the most popular dishes that the Scarpetta served is their spaghetti. Don’t think that it is only an ordinary. They served high-quality foods for the satisfaction of their customers. Thanks to Chef Scott Conant, who is responsible in different dishes. Also, because of his delicious dishes, he became an author to a recipe book for those who want to try to cook Conant’s dishes. Scarpetta restaurant can be found at 355 West, 14th st., New York.

1. Per Se restaurant

1-Per Se restaurant

Ta-dah! We are now here to the most awaiting part of Top ten restaurants in New York, the restaurant who get the first place. What is it? It is Per Se restaurant. Per Se restaurant serves different delicious American cuisines. According to a popular magazine, they ranked Per Se as the best American cuisines restaurant. And this is true. Why? Almost all who are already visited this restaurant tells that their dishes taste very good, from their appetizers up to the main dishes. If you want to try to eat to this type of restaurant, it can be found at 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner building, New York City.

After we take a review about top ten restaurants at New York, I think you can choose restaurant that you want to eat for your vacation. But before you visit and eat to those restaurants, know first your money. Is my money suitable for those restaurants? It better to it eat with your family and friends. Those restaurants are also better for having date to your special someone. What are you waiting for? Come and eat!