Ten Top Muscle Building Foods

Ten Top Muscle Building Foods

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We all crave for food that we like most but we never stop to think for one moment that these cravings could be a danger to our health. Just because there is a notion that once you begin increasing in size, you can easily go to the gym and pull down that weight is a wrong notion. Majority of those who visit the gym end up eating twice their normal share and end up increasing weight instead of decreasing. When body building, you do not have to burn calories and lose weight but also check on what you are eating. You have to take note of your nutrient intake.

 10. Potatoes


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, Potatoes is position 10. The potato is a tuber and starch. Potatoes were introduced almost four centuries ago. Potatoes are used by almost everyone making one of the world’s fourth largest food crop. It is the main food crop in Europe with China being the largest producer. Many countries grow potatoes on a wide scale. It is the main food crop in Europe with China being the largest producer. For most countries, it is a staple food. You can make French fries, bake it or even boil it. Potatoes have been known to make one of the lovely dishes.

9. Brown Rice


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, Brown Rice is position 9. This is whole grain rice which is high in nutritional value than the white rice. It also comes in variety; in Brown rice we can get the long grain, sticky rice and even short grain. The only difference is that whereas white rice goes through all the processes, Brown rice does not.

8. Fish



In the ten muscle building top ten foods, Fish is position 8. Fish has been known as the best body building foods because of the protein that they provide to the body. Apart from providing protein, they also provide omega fats. The omega fat is a preference to the heart. Fishes like salmon, sardines and mackerel are rich in protein and omega 3. Fish is also good for the muscles and cardiovascular.

7. Eggs


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, eggs are position 7.  This is also one of the muscle building foods. The yolk is the most nutritious because it contains choline which reduces cardiovascular disease. For building the muscle emphasis is put on the egg white. They are rich in protein.

 6. Olive Oil


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, olive oil is position 6. Olive oil is a fat got from the olive fruit. This fruit is found in the Mediterranean region. The fat is squeezed from the fruit. It is known that olive oil is used for many purposes; it is used as medicinal, many pharmaceuticals use it. It is also used in cooking and it brings out the best dishes. Ladies use it as cosmetics and in soaps. For lighting the oil lamps, you could use it. Therefore olive oil is multipurpose. It is important in boosting the immune system. Since it has monounsaturated fats, it makes the body break down excess and stored fat so as to make one lose weight.

5. Nuts


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, nuts is position 5. A nut is a fruit with a hard shell. Nuts are high in nutrients. They contain fats and vitamins. Nuts are also rich in amino acids. Those who eat a lot of nuts everyday suffer less from coronary heart disease. You can lengthen your life if you eat nuts. As you eat nuts, you avoid eating junk food therefore one reduces on weight. The fats found in nuts are unsaturated making it essential for the heart. Patients with diabetes mellitus are advised to eat nuts.

 4. Peanut Butter

4-Peanut Butter

In the ten muscle building top ten foods, peanut butter is position 4. Peanut butter can easily get rid of hunger when you take 1 or 2 tbsp with a fruit preferably apple. We have natural organic peanut butter which is the best for anyone seeking to take it. Peanut butter can be smeared in bread or even in sandwich. It is a muscle building food because it provides the body with proper nutrients and proteins.

3. Whole Wheat Pasta


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, whole wheat pasta is position 3. Whole wheat pasta goes through processing and this is what makes it different from white wheat. After processing, it remains with endosperm which contains carbohydrates, vitamin B,  protein and iron. It is food with high nutritional value.

2. Meat


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, meat is position 2. Humans eat meat because of its nutritional value therefore they are omnivorous. This dates back to long time ago. Humans started eating meat when they began hunting animals and also keeping some at home. Meat is a delicacy in many homes and it is eaten with other foods preferably starch since it is protein. Meat is one food that can go bad if not well preserved. In the olden days when they did not have refrigeration facility, they would dry meat in the sun for days. Such meat before it was eaten could be boiled for hours. Because of the protein content, meat is required for body building.

1. Milk


In the ten muscle building top ten foods, milk is position 1. Milk is main source nutrition for babies. Mothers are advised to provide breast milk up to the time when the baby is 6 months. This is mainly because milk contains all the nutrients the body needs. So, a baby can survive on milk alone without any foods since milk has it all. It is also healthy since it contains colostrums which have the mother’s antibodies making the baby be free from diseases. All over the world, the population of those taking milk is large.