CAMEROON Travel Guide

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CAMEROON Travel Guide

Cameroon is located in junction of Westand central Africa which is surrounded by borders of Nigeria to west, Chad to northeast and republic of Congo to south. Cameroon is known as Africa in miniature with French and English speaking portions


  • RING ROAD:Ring road is known as the grassland with full of green fields, spiky peaked mountains along with green and yellow valleys. The area of the village is sprinkled along valley and act as camping spot
  • LIMBE : Limbe is a small city which act as a base for travellers to explore the beauty of the country like botanical garden, parks and waterfalls
  • MOUNT CAMEROON:Mount Cameroon is located over 4000 meters above sea level and it will take three days and two nights to this hike done
  • BAMENDA:Bamenda is the capital of the country and it is the largest city with all amenities. It also a great spot to reach the country’s highlands with beautiful sceneries and hidden villages
  • FOUMBAN: Foumban is the most amazing spot in Cameroon which has its roots in arts, music and architecture and also known for city with largest Muslim population. Foumban is a combo of both north and west Africa with Islamic influence where royal palace and museum are the main attractions
  • KRIBI :It is considered as the home of paradise with stunning beaches offering with white sand, blue sea along with fresh fish served from nearby restaurants


  • Cameroon is the urbanest and the ethnical nation which is situated at the junction of west and central Africa.
  • The country is bounded by Angola, Central African, Republic Congo,Guinea and Gabon
  • French and English are the official language of the country along with it there are 230 other languages with more than 1700 different linguistic groups
  • Cameroon is also known as Africa in miniature and Hinge of Africa and the name is derived because of geographical and cultural diversity of the nation
  • Three main towns of the country are Limbe,Buea and Muyuka and there are about more than 500,000 people living near the volcano
  • Sanaga is the longest river of the country and it is not navigable with two hydroelectric power stations on the bank, other rivers include Benue and Nyong
  • The country is officially known as United Republic of Cameroon and Republic of Cameroon surrounded by countries namely Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, and Nigeria
  • The Oku Juju dance Yaoundé is the most famous national dance which maintains the originality of the nation
  • The two official languages of the country are shared by other few countries and well known for coffee, cotton and oilseeds
  • The three main religions of the country are christainity,Islam and traditionalist where the Christian church and Muslim centres operate freely throughout the nation
  • The national flag is a tricolour of green, red and yellow with five pointed star in the centre