Blue crab vs Red crab

Blue crab vs Red crab

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Sea foods are delicious dishes that may give you mouthwatering excitement and tastes. One of the exquisite seafood being served in grand restaurants is the crab. All of us are familiar with these creatures that have pinches, multiple legs, and red appearances. For your information, there are special types of crabs that differ in their colors – technically what may be the possible difference among blue and red crabs apart from their color?

Blue crab Red crab
Scientific name CallinectesSapidus Gecarcoideanatalis
Popularity as seafood Popular Not so popular
Animal Diet Omnivore Herbivore
Other names Atlantic blue crab, Chesapeake blue crab Christmas Island red crab
Usually Found Atlantic Ocean Christmas Island and Cocos Island
Carapace Serrated Round shaped
Size Larger Smaller

Blue crabs can be natively found around the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It has four teeth, a blue appearance and their natural production deals with sexual dimorphism. Among the male blue crabs, their abdomens are typically in a slender shape while the female ones possess a dome-shaped and round abdomen. A female crab can produce a surprising estimate of 80,000 eggs in a lifetime. Meanwhile, the red crabs have gills and eat most plants, yet it does not imply that these creatures are herbivores. They naturally possess cannibalistic features. In terms of cuisine usage, the red crabs are famous and are common among the countries in Asia while the blue crabs are mostly popular and used in different cuisines among the western countries.


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