BELGIUM Travel Guide

BELGIUM Travel Guide

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BELGIUM Travel Guide

Belgium is the smallest and densely populated European country and it consist of threefederal regions. It covers an area of about 30,528 with population of about 11 million.


  • GHENT:After Paris it is considered as the one of richest and second largest city with its great impact of architecture. The whole of the place is stunned with breathe taking atmosphere of late medieval city
  • OSTEND:Ostend is the largest city on Belgium coast in West Flanders and also considered as the favourite destination spot. This place became important because of its wide esplanade which runs parallel to the sandy beach and also walking through narrow street is the best way to explore
  • KORTRIJK :Kortrijk is an amazing medieval town in western Belgium which lies between Leie river and Leie Scheldt canal .The Broelbrug bridge which was built in the 15th century becomes an memorable entrance into the town and it also has number of windmills
  • HOGE KEMPEN NATIONAL PARK:Hoge Kempen national park which covers about 5000 acres is the largest woodland reserve which is located between Genk and Meuse river valley. The park consist of wide varieties of flowering bed and large pine woods and also place for rare animals like roe deer, slippery snake,beewolf ,antlion
  • ARDENNES : Hills of Ardennes is the best place for hiking, biking and camping with forests, caves and cliffs situated in southeast Belgium and also rich in fauna and flora


  • Belgium has two official name known as Kingdom of Belgium and King Philippe of Belgium
  • Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg these three countries together known as Benelux countries and mainly Belgium is famous for different types of foods and drinks like waffles, chocolates etc
  • Unlike other countries Belgium can be functioned without government for 589 days and it is also accepted by citizens of nation
  • Belgium is an literally small country and they make their cultural choices from their own community
  • Two major population of Belgium are Flemish and Walloons and even they live side by side both groups maintain separate ethnic identities
  • French ,Dutch and German are the official languages of Belgium and English is widely spoken as foreign language throughout Belgium
  • Colours of the flag such as black, yellow and red are taken from the colours of duchy of Brabant and the three vertical bands were influenced by French flag
  • Traditional styles for both men and women are modelled after French clothing which was influenced during world war II
  • Brussels is the capital of Belgium and it is located in the heart of Europe and also to be considered as capital of 500 million Europeans
  • Three predominant cultures are followed such as Flanders in north, Wallonia in south and German in northeast and each area has its own particularities as such Belgium is not an homogenous country
  • Main religion of Belgium is Christianity and about 58 percent of population adheres roman catholic church


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