Wheat Uttapam

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Wheat Uttapam Recipe Preparation Method

Wheat Uttapam

Ingredients needed:

  • Wheat semolina                                -200gm
  • Black gram                                    -50gm
  • Sambhar onion                                 -10
  • Coriander leaves                              -Somewhat
  • Sombu powder(in Tamil)                    -1/2 Spoon

Preparation Methods:

  •   Roast and keep the wheat semolina.
  •  Soak the black gram for some time and grind it nicely.
  •  Add some curd with the grinded black gram and wheat semolina and make it like a idly flour.
  •  Leave the mixed flour on the pan and spread the sliced onion, coriander leaves, sombu powder(in Tamil) and roast both the side by keeping the flame at sim. Now the delicious wheat Uttappam is ready to have.