Wheat Bread Upma - Preparation Method

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Wheat Bread Upma Recipe Preparation Method

Wheat Bread Upma


  • Wheat Bread -5pieces
  • Tomato -1/4cup
  • Onion -1/4cup
  • Green chili -1
  • S?mbhar powder -1/4spoon
  • Coriander leaves -small amount
  • Mustard -1/4spoon
  • Cumin -1/4spoon
  • Oil -1spoon
  • Salt -Needed amount


  1.  Chopp the wheat bread into small pieces.
  2.  Add oil in the wok and saute the pepper and cumin nicely.
  3.  Now add tomato, onion to the above and fry till it changes to golden brown color.
  4.  Add salt, sambar powder and green chili to the content.
  5.  Then mix the chopped wheat bread to the above masala and stir nicely.
  6.  At last garnish the prepared dish with coriander leaves and switch off.