Ways to improve rice cooking

. 1 min read

How many times have you ended up with a dish of rice that is sticky or a bit uncooked? Well, it can be assumed that the answer is quite a few times. A look at a dish of rice does not reveal that this is a complex dish after all. Rather it looks quite simple and easy. Those that are not cooks might be wondering on how on earth this process can be improved when it is in reality so simple.

Well, for all those out there that have little or no idea regarding rice cooking ā€“ here is a bit of flash news. Cooking rice is not an easy process. If you want a perfect dish you have to pay attention while it is being cooked. Forgetting that you kept rice on the stove can result in disastrous effects and the rice being put into the bin rather than on the table.

First, you must choose quality rice. Rice cooking is not all about cooking them but also about making the best possible purchases as well. Every dish has a different kind of rice required, and so, you must make your selection with care. Do not go for the rice that is low priced. Instead search for quality especially if you are looking forward to serve it to guests. For example, when preparing a Chinese rice dish, you must use whole grain rice so that the dish comes out perfectly.

Next, you must use a pot that has a heavy bottom. This is because rice tends to stick when being steamed or boiled. Many people now use a steamer or a cooker when cooking rice such as a digital rice cooker by Aroma. This is because the results tend to be quite improved when using this technique. Even if you are using a pot, ensure that the bottom does not allow excessive heat to escape sticking as this would simply ruin your dish.

Lastly, do not use stale rice when cooking a dish. This is because stale rice tends to stick no matter what technique you apply. Even if you rinse them several times and stay in the kitchen while cooking, the end result would always be the same; sticky mushy rice that is not good to eat. Instead carefully choose fresh rice. So, instead of buying heaps of rice in one shopping spree, buy them when you require them. This is because stale rice does not produce a good dish!