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The muscles are very important in aiding perform actions for example, it is because of the muscles one is able to lift an object. There are two specific types of muscles with different functions mainly the voluntary and the involuntary muscles.

Voluntary muscles Involuntary muscles
Simple Analogy Muscles that we can control Muscles that we cannot control
Also known as Skeletal muscle Smooth muscle
Muscle movement Fast and forceful Rhythmic and cyclic
Common  muscles Muscles attached to the bone Heart muscles,digestive, internal organs

Voluntary muscles are those muscles that are consciously controlled. This means that you are aware and can make a decision whether to use or not use the voluntary muscles for voluntary control. For example, walking, chewing, clapping, typing, nodding the head all require voluntary muscles to control their actions.

Involuntary muscles refer to muscles that are unconsciously controlled. This means that even when a living animal or human being is deep asleep, these muscles can still function .cardiac muscle controlling the heart that needs to pump blood 24 hours a day each day; and smooth muscles that control the gastro-intestinal duct, uterus, blood vessels, are the main examples of involuntary muscles.

Both voluntary and involuntary muscles are very important for human functioning. The main difference is voluntary muscles are consciously controlled while involuntary muscles are unconsciously controlled by the brain.