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Every institution or organization has to have its code of ethics and a set of what are values and what are ethics?

Values Ethics
Annotation Guiding principle of every individual in life that nurture him or her to become a better person Rules or guidelines that is set for a society or organization
Elaboration Personal beliefs of the person that he or she apply in life Unwritten code of conduct that should be followed by an employee or individual

Values are beliefs that basically become principles that govern every person in the organization. Just like every person has their own set of values which are beliefs that guide how they conduct and carry themselves, is the same way that values in an organization is they are more personal than institutional. More often than not people working together will have similar values.

Ethics are set rules and guidelines that govern an organization or institution. Codes of ethics are rules that are only created to guide the moral carrying of oneself in the organization. For example a code that everyone should be in the working uniform during working hours. This is more of a rule rather than a belief.

The values and ethics can be the same for example one may have a value that they will always dress decently to work while an ethical code on the same could read as you must be decently dressed at work. This means that for the ethics, one has to follow or there are to be consequences. For values one may decide to or not go by every other day.