Difference Between Muslims vs Arabs

Difference Between Muslims vs Arabs

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Conceivably the most stereotyped group of people due to the fact that most Arabs are Muslims, and causes misconception that Muslims and Arabs are the identical. Looking at certain circumstances, this is not always the circumstance.

The foremost difference is the kind of people they represent. It needs to be clear that Muslims and Arabs are not based on geographical location as known that they can be found everywhere in the globe.

People who are embracing Islam, believes in the doctrines written in Quran, and acknowledge Muhammad (Mohammed) as their prophet are called Muslims. Although Muslims are mostly Arabs, there might be differences in their language or location, but recognizes one faith. Most Muslims are found in Asia, specifically in the Middle East (Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.), also in Africa, and the Americas.

Arabs are specific people living in the Arab lands or Arabic regions, such as Saudi Arabia. They should be nationals of those countries, must know their Arabic lineage (history), must perform acceptable observances related to the Arab culture, and must know the language – Arabic.

Faith brought Muslims together, while Arabs can have their own faith and brought together by blood and nationality. Muslims have greater population than Arabs.

Following are key Difference Between Muslims vs Arabs

  Muslims Arabs
Notes Part of religious sect, embrace the religion of Islam. Can choose whatever religion they want to follow. They own the Arab regions. Ethnicity or Nationality.
Language Have native tongues of almost any language in the world Speak in Arabic language
Location / Residence Muslim lives in Middle East, Africa, Asia (about 60%) and other parts of the world. Live predominantly within Middle Eastern nations this includes Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.
Population As big as 1.5 billion in 2009. Has greater population. Several millions only. Less population.