Difference Between MI5 vs MI6

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Security organizations deal with protecting and ensuring safety of people and possessions, and the entire establishments they are protecting. However, with only one number separating Mi5 from Mi6, which really makes the difference?

Mi5 stands for the Security Service, while Mi6 is the Secret Intelligence Service. They perform different functions,however, both are agencies handling the important work – intelligence.

Found in different parts of the UK, Mi5 is based at Thames House, London, and is being monitored by the Home Secretary. It functions in protecting the citizens of the UK, all their possessions, whether at home or in foreign land, most especially against any threats to the national security. Mi6 is based at Vauxhall Cross, London and is answerable to the Foreign Secretary. Its main duty is to gather intelligence/vital information from outside the UK. The information will be used to support the actions and solutions to the concerns and issues revolving the government’s security, its defense from any occurrences and to signify or conversion of foreign policies, or concerning with the economy.

They work hand-in-hand to secure that everything involving the UK is properly protected and policies be changed is necessary. They might have different superiors, but functions is to reach the same goal.

Following are key Difference Between MI5 vs MI6

MI 5 MI 6
Denote Security service Secret Intelligence service
Duties Protecting its citizens, the UK and interests, at home and overseas against threats to national security Gathering intelligence outside the UK in support of the governments security, foreign defence, and economic policies
Leader Andrew Parker Alex Younger
Based Thames House, London Vauxhall Cross London
Website www.mi5.gov.uk/ www.sis.gov.uk