Top Ten Spacious Casinos of the World

Top Ten Spacious Casinos of the World

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A Casino is where people make lots of money and as they do, the towns with casinos get revenue.Cities that host casinos ensure that they are constructed near retail shops, restaurants, malls, hotels and some on cruise ships. The activity that takes place in a casino is basically gambling. Gambling industry has grown with many types of activities such as roulette, blackjack, craps and baccarat. These are just a few of the games offered at the casino. Casinos are interesting because some people make a lot of money while some lose everything. In all the games played, whether the player gains or loses, the casino still gains in the end.

 10. Odawa Casino Resort (Petoskey, Michigan) – 300,000 square feet


In the world’s top 10 largest casinos, Odawa Casino Resort is position 10. Odawa Casino Resort is one of the biggest in Michigan. Since 2007, it has brought a lot of revenue to the state of Michigan. Because of its large area, it is able to accomodate all the gambling games and that is why it is a preference to the town folks. Apart from gambling it ofers entertainment. The Ovation hall holds concerts and trade shows. there is also an hotel  that provides food and offer accomodation.

9. Barona Valley Ranch Resorts and Casino (Lakeside, California)- 310,000 square feet


In the world’s top 10 largest casinos, Barona Valley Ranch Resorts and Casino is position 9. Barona Resort and Casino is built near the lake and it offers nearly all the gambling games thats why it is a favorite of people. It does well because it is owned by a group known as Barona Group of Captain. Itwas the first casino to create the TI/TO system.

8. Casino du Lac-Leamy (Gatneau, Canada)- 319,105 square feet


In the world’s top 10 largest casinos, Casino du Lac-leamy is position is position 8. This Casino is run by the government. The government of Canada thought it wise to raise funds through this casino. the government gains from the tourists who come to this casino. the government has also created jobs from this casino and about 1,500 people have been employed.

7. Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel (Morton, Minnesota) – 325,000 square feet


In the world’s top 10 largest casinos, Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel is position 7. Jackpot Junction Casinois found along the banks of river Minnesota. This casino is the largest in Minnesota.Apart from other casino games, it has 1,000 video slot machines and  more than 20 blackjack tables. the casino keeps on developing and recently it opened a poker room which is not big enough.

6. Viejas Casino (San Diego, California) – 327,000 square feet

6-Viejas Casino

In the world’s top 10 largest casinos, Viejas Casino is position 6. This casino is a casino and a resort. The casino has so many slot machines more then 1500 aand 86 table games that is why it is prided as one of the best casinos. It has restaurants and a hotel.The hotel which opened its doors in March 2013 has 128 rooms and 150 more rooms are planned to be added.

5. Foxwoods Resorts Casino (Mashantucket, Connecticut) – 344,000 square feet


In the world’s top 10 largest casinos, Foxwoods Resorts Casino is position 5. This is a resort casino covering a wide area. It is a complex of six casinos thats why it covers a large area. The gaming tables are more than 380 with about 6000 slot machines. There are many restaurants within the casino complex and one might not notice this because of its size. There are approximately 2,266 rooms of the hotel.

4. Island Resort & Casino (Harris, Michigan) – 480,000 square feet


In the top 10 largest casinos, Island Resort & Casino is position 4. This casino boasts of full range amenities with staff committed to serve you. They also offer high class accomodation, entertainment and other amenities thats why it is the best casino in Michigan. thehotels in the casino offers delicious meals. Each person who visits the casino is satisfied with bountiful buffets and sweet gourmet.  There are three hotels, each offering the best service.

3. San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino (Highland, California) – 480,000 square feet

3-San Manuel

In the top 10 largest casinos, San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino is position 3. This casino has been growing and now has over 2,000 employees. This shows that employment has been created to people in the town. People are not just employed like that but you have to undergo an extensive pre-employment background investigation and when you pass, you are employed. here players play for unlimited jackpot.

2. Casino de Montréal (Montreal, Canada) – 526,488 square feet


In the top 10 largest casinos, Casino de Montréal is position 2. The Casino is the largest in canada and the way it is built, it houses three interconnected buildings. The buildings make the casino appear big yet one of the building is an annex that was built by the casino. There are more than 3200 slot machines and 115 gaming tables. The first casino has six floors followed by four floors.

1. The Venetian Macao (China) – 546,000 square feet


In the top 10 largest casinos, Venetian Macao is position 1. This casino is both a hotel and a casino resort. it is big, 40 storey with seven hotels. it is so wide and is considered the 7th largest building in the world. The Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world, and the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. The casino is divided into 4 themed gaming areas namely Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix. The casino consists of over 3400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables.