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The World Series is an annual game against the two divisions in the Major League Baseball, the American League and the National League. The winner for each league will then compete for the title of World Champions in a date set by the MLB officials, with a seven game series. We have previously talked about the past champions during the last article, telling the story of each team that has won during each championships starting from year 2003 until year 2012. Now, we will be talking about the teams who finished as runner-ups during those seasons. We will talk about all their struggles and victories, only to end up in the runner-up spot, one step away from becoming World Series Champions. Some of them are underdogs who have crawled and work hard to be on top, despite all that, they didn’t conquer. Some however, are title defenders, preventing another team to take the title, but was stopped and dethroned otherwise.

 10. NEW YORK YANKEES – 2003


The New York Yankees are considered as one of the successful franchises in the history of professional sports. They play for the biggest, most popular city in the world, and have developed a very strong fan base throughout the years. They have invested in various players that have been considered as top players in the history of Major League Baseball, paying millions not just to players, but to officials as well. On season 2003, upon winning the league championship against their number one rival, the Boston Red Sox. Despite emerging victorious in the AL Championship, their victory was short lived when they lost to the Florida Marlins in the 2003 World Series, ending as the season’s runner-up.



Just like the New York Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful franchises in the history of MLB, winning a total of eleven World Series. The Cardinals belong in the National League division, and during the 2004 league championship, they won against the Houston Astros only to be hindered in getting the World Series title by the Boston Red Sox. For the Red Sox, the win was so epic because it was their first win since the year 1918, finally ending the “Curse of the Bambino”. As for the Cardinals, they won the first two games, but alas, ended up as a runner-up.



The Houston Astros is the second official baseball team of Texas, being second to the Texas Rangers, also their number inter-league rivals. They were first known as the Houston Colt 45’s during their establishment in year 1962 until 1964, but then later on became the Houston Astros in year 1965 onwards. The Astros have never won any World Series since its establishment. Their appearance during the 2005 World Series was against the Chicago White Sox. The match-up was perfect, both showing great promise, and providing 50-50 percentage to fans of both teams. The Astros showed that even though they are not the best team in MLB, they are not that easy to beat. Roy Oswalt, their pitcher was then named as the MVP.



The Detroit Tigers is the official baseball team based in Detroit, Michigan. They were established in year 1894 by George Vanderbeck. In the American League, they are the oldest one name franchise, who has played for one city since its establishment. They have won a total of four World Series championship, and eleven American League pennants. In the 2006 season, the Tigers defeated the Oakland Athletics in the ALCS, but failed to grab the title when they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. This was their first World Series match after 38 years of waiting.



The Colorado Rockies is the official baseball team based in Denver Colorado. Just like the Houston Astros, they have never won any World Series, coming close to grabbing the title as the winner in the 2007 NLCS, that title also remains as their only National League Pennants to date. In the 2007 World Series, they face up with the Boston Red Sox. The Rockies lost to the Red Sox in just four games, sweeping them to win their second World Series Championship title after being the champions during the 2004 season. Game three was played in Colorado, making it the first World Series to be played there. Game three is also considered as the longest nine-inning game in the history of Major League Baseball.

5. TAMPA BAY RAYS – 2008


The Tampa Bay Rays is the official baseball team based in St. Petersburg, Florida. The team was established on year 2008, but was formerly known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from year 1998 until 2007. Just like the Colorado Rockies, and the Houston Astros, they have never won any World Series. The closest thing they ever got was winning the 2008 ALCS where they faced one of their rivals, the Boston Red Sox. They went on to advance in the 2008 World Series and faced the Philadelphia Phillies. Despite having the home field advantage, the Rays lost to the Phillies in just four games out of seven, giving the Phillies their second World Series Championship title since 1980.



After being last season’s World Series, the Phillies tried to defend their title, against the much stronger New York Yankees. They defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2009 NLCS four games to one, and went on to advance in the World Series second time in the row to face the Yankees. The game was featured in Fox channel and was watched by a total of 19 million viewers. The Yankees earned home field advantage during this series, and in the course of the championship, they were a lot of MLB records that were beaten and broken. In the end, the Phillies lost to the Yankees four games to two, giving the Yankees their 27th and latest World Series Championship title.

 3. TEXAS RANGERS – 2010

3-Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers is a baseball team based in Arlington Texas. They were established in year 1972, and were formerly known as the Washington Senators from year 1961 until 1971. They have also gone by the name Minnesota Twins when they moved to Minnesota, but then moved to Arlington, and debut as the Texas Rangers from then on. After winning in the ALCS against the 2009 World Series Champion, the New York Yankees, the Rangers advanced in the World Series facing up with the San Francisco Giants. The 2010 World Series was the first World Series appearance for the Rangers. They lost to the Giants four games to one.

 2. TEXAS RANGERS – 2011


After being able to face the San Francisco Giants during the last World Series, the Texas Rangers won the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers, and had yet again, another shot in taking the World Series Championship title. This time, they faced up with the St. Louis Cardinals to play what was yet as the most thrilling World Series ever. The series was known for its back and forth momentum during Game six, wherein the Cardinals erased a two-run deficit during the ninth inning and went on to do it again during the tenth, with the Rangers just one strike away from earning their very first World Series Championship title. All efforts were displayed by both teams as they went on to play all seven games. This was the first World Series since 2002 that all seven games were played.



After waiting for a total of six years to get another shot in earning the World Series title, the Detroit Tigers emerged victorious against the New York Yankees during the 2012 ALCS. The Detroit Tigers has won a total of four World Series Championship titles, and they last achieved this was year 1984. The franchise was itching to get the title only to have lost it to the San Francisco Giants in a four game sweep. The win makes it as the seventh World Series title for the Giants and the first sweep done by a National League since the Cincinnati Red sweep during the 1990 World Series.