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If you find yourself leaving in the place of where hockey is the best sports in town, surely you’ll also be in live with this game.  With a player consist of about 11 in each team, surely you will be excite in every watched as they moved and have a shoot in every goal.  In this game, the same as the other games, there are usually an award that has been given to those who excel in the game.  And one of the many awards that was been given are listed below.

10. King Clancy Memorial Trophy


If there are a player of the team that has the capability of ensuring and executing well their being a leader player, the kind of a trophy that is fit to him is this Memorial trophy named the King Clancy Memorial Trophy.  The additional qualification of the said player will have an indulging moment in terms of helping and have a contribution for the welfare of others.  The selection officer who delegated the giving of the said awards is from the members of Hockey’s Professional Writers.

9. Vezina Trophy


This trophy was been categorized in the field of a goalkeeper, in which it is given to the most outstanding goalkeepers in every season play off.  The voting system is depending on the group of all NHL Managers, where they will pick a good goalkeeper in the very play.  This award was been done for the purposed of commemoration of the late George Vezina, in which he is the best among the rest goal keeper in his time.

8. Maurice Richard Trophy


Another annual award that has been given in every end of the season game in NHL.  The name of the said award is the Maurice Richard Trophy.  This trophy was been started given in the year 1999 and until this time.  Its purpose is to give an award for the best scorer in terms of entering in the goal section.  The said awards are depending and basing by the both players how they played the every game, and who’s the team that has a very best level in terms of goal.

7. Frank J. Selke Trophy


In the line of defensive section players, this awards was been fitted to them, it is because the said award that was been named by Frank Selke, is for exclusive section for the outstanding forward in every play-off.  The voting system is based on a poll that was been publish by the Professional Hockey, Association of Writers.  It was been given during the end of every season play off.  The basis of qualifying a team for to win the said awards, is by doing an excellent paly of defensiveness of a player once he attacked approaching the goal.

6. Ted Lindsay Award


If most of the time voting system is been dependable in an organization or a group of people for to win an award of their supported team, this time by this award named Ted Lindsay Award, the player has the privilege of voting, not themselves, but the other team that they’ve versus of.  They will vote or pick a name for their contender that is rightfully fit for the said award.  The basis of this award is for the outstanding player that mostly excel in every play of the very game.

5. Norris Trophy


Quoted in the name of James Norris, this special award trophy named Norris Memorial Trophy, was been existing since 1953.  The said award is for the player who works well in his position in every play of the season, in which will qualify on how he executed the play for a defensive section to ensure that there will be no goal to its contender.  Same to the other award trophy, this award voting system is based also in poll voting, in which the executioner or responsible in dealing and choosing the very best defender in theall-round back to back game is the committee of the Hockey Club Association.

4. Calder Memorial Trophy


In the beginner section, there is fit for them in terms of an award that they will desire in their debut game.  The name of the said award is called ‘Calder Memorial Trophy’.  This trophy was been given to the player who excel and performing it well his play, though he is a beginner in terms of playing a hockey.  This trophy also given in the first play of the day round of the season, in which they will chose a player that is fit in the playing round.

3. Jack Adams Award


The 3rd award trophy was been categories in the field of broadcasting.  Its name is the Jack Adams Award, in which it was been given in broadcasting team that has the influence of encouraging the team of winning the game, in short, if the coach of a broadcasting section,delivered a good enlightening message for the team that makes them alive and ready to win, this is the step of having received the vey annually acclaimed award in every season, the Jack Adam Award.

 2. Art Ross Trophy


The basis of this kind of award if thru the results of the game series, in which the best player who leads the highest scoring in the very game.  It is also one of the most acclaimed trophy in every season, that why, no wonder in align in our top 2’s best award in NHL series.  The award was dependent in scores, so if ever the both teams have the same scores in the very game, the committee will be basing of time of when and who scores first in the first quarter of the game.

1. Hart Trophy


Our top of the best award in the NHL field is no other than the Hart Trophy.  This trophy was been determined as the highly acclaimed awards in every season play of a hockey field.  In which the said award is given to the most valuable player in the very game.  This award was been started giving an appreciation for the players since 1960 and until now.  The voting system of this kind of award is based on the poll voting of the NHL committee, where they announces the winning individual teams members as the MVP in the end of the game series.