Top Ten Moustaches

Top Ten Moustaches

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This is that hair that grows on the upper lip. Moustaches look good when they are well groomed. Some women do grow this hair but detest it so they try the much they could to remove the hair with cream. Yet there are still some who still keep the moustache. Some leaders would exude power with moustaches that are neat.

10. Teddy Roosevelt


 In the most famous top ten moustaches, Teddy Roosevelt is position 10. This is one person who loved his moustache for he would admire himself in the mirror. He ensured his moustache was well groomed and where ever he went, he always stood out because of the moustache. His moustache made him look powerful.

 9. Kaiser Wilhelm II


In the most famous top ten mustaches, Kaiser Wilhelm is position 9. He is one man who though he couldn’t win the world war one, his moustache was still standing out. He was remembered more for his moustache than his leadership. With his moustache, he was powerful.

 8. Genghis Khan


 In the most famous top ten mustaches, Genghis Khan is position 8. Though very ruthless, he was still respected because of the neat way he kept his moustache. With his moustache, he brought people together. They were able to listen to him because his moustache stood out. It gave him the power to rule.

 7. Pancho Villa


 In the most famous top ten mustaches, Pancho Villa is position 7. His moustache has the shape of the horseshoe. One thing about his moustache is that it is stuck with adhesive tape. When he wants to appear powerful he would groom his moustache, stick it and after duty, he would remove it.

 6. Joshua Chamberlain


In the most famous top ten mustaches, Joshua Chamberlain is position 6.  With his moustache he appeared very serious. A powerful man during the civil war but his moustache did it all. He ensured that his moustache made him look like a no nonsense man.

 5. Walter Cronkite


In the most famous top ten mustaches, Walter Cronkite is position 5. He had one of the best moustaches.  Even though he looked good in his moustache, his eyebrow appeared better. It stood out more than the moustache.

 4. Wyatt Earp

4-Wyatt Earp

In the most famous top ten mustaches, Wyatt Earp is position 4. He is known to have killed many people and it is said that his moustache did it. The shape of his moustache looked scary and it is said that his appearance made people be afraid of him. Even the cowboys feared him.

 3. Friedrich Nietzsche


In the most famous top ten mustaches, Friedrich Nietzsche is position 3. He was a very clever man who came up with many philosophies. His moustache made him look more serious. Even though we tend to look at his moustache, the job he did was more outstanding.

 2. William Taft


In the most famous top ten mustaches, William Taft is position 2. William Howard’s moustache needs to be kept forever. His moustache also made him stand out. We can forget his politics but we can’t forget his moustache.

 1. Salvador Dali


 In the most famous top ten mustaches, Salvador Dali is position 1. His moustache made him have a signature look. His was the best moustache of all times, the way it was curved nicely. His moustache made him come out as a strong man. In the end he impressed many.