Top 10  Political Sex Scandals

Top 10 Political Sex Scandals

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Monica Lewinsky

The American people usually want to elect high profile persons to fill the high office, but fail to do so because they do not the criteria to use. The politicians do promise to hold their high integrity but they too fail at the end of the day. Surviving a sex scandal is hard; the public is always informed of the scandal as soon as it erupts. Scholars have used the political sex scandal to bring the public opinions to attention; they reinforce common sense to the public forcing them to have a classification and interpretation of who they really are. The politicians usually shape the public attitudes, intention and behavior Greenberg (2002) ascertains that sex scandals frame a contemporary political/ social issue by defining problems, organizing causes, making moral judgment, and suggesting remedies. They are able to make the public to belief the scandals by the way they behave to the news once it erupts.   The list below comprises the top politicians who are involved in the sex scandals, the events were all over the media houses.

10. Mark Foley and the senate pages

10-Mark Foley

He was the chairman of the house on missing and exploited children, but totally the opposite of his actions. Mark Foley had scandals with young children, who are all male. Using his birth initials name, Maf54, he asks the young men what they were wearing and whether they are aroused. Sending the inappropriate emails and messages, five former pages made it public their exchange of words with Foley.  The American FBI has been investigating him for the allegations, before it the news broke into the newsroom. The news was shocking for he was championing against child harassment. His attorney later revealed that he was gay and should stay in rehab for a while.  It became a matter of concern, and it was taken to the parliament for discussion.

9. Larry Craig in the airport bathroom

9-Larry Craig

Larry was Idaho’s senator; he was accused of soliciting sex in the airport bathroom. He was caught red handed when his hand was down, and his legs crossed with the victims. He later claimed that he was trying to reach for a piece of tissue, but the victim opposed his words, supported by the police on duty. The news made its way to the newsroom through an audio taken from the scene. It ruined his career and his family put to shame. The citizens had opted to vote him out before the scandal, and now with the scandal, they want to vote him out more. He later himself announced that he will resign and take a break from public, but when the new batch of fall pages was out he changed his mind.

8. Eliot Spitzer and the expensive prostitute


Elliot spitzer was an American lawyer and the former leading politician in the Democratic Party. He used much of the government’s funds to have sexual relationship with the expensively paid prostitute. Elliot was alleged to have used $4000 for the little prostitute at the call center Ashley. He spends time at prestigious hotels wasting government’s resources; the government would probably not tolerate this act.  He was brought to shame when the news was released to the public, his career would probably be ruined, his family put to shame and his image ruined. He could be spotted at different entertainment spots with prostitute, and why government funds.

7. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Heming

7-thomas-Sally Heming

Jefferson was serving as the American minister to France; sally was a black slave and half sister of Thomas wife. It was ascertained that almost all sally’s children belonged to Thomas.  He took care of them, and whenever sally tried to escape with the kids Thomas will trace and bring them back meaning that the kids were really his. Thomas used sally as a slave sexually, for rape was rampant among the black slaves. Their relationship began in Paris where sally was not treated very well, but Thomas paid her monthly wages as a sexual slave. This all issue concerns the superpower man who used the slave for his own advantage.

6. GSilvio Berlusconiary Hart and Donna Rice

6-Donna Rice

Donna rice was a sales representative and a part time actress in Miami. He was involved with hart, and the studio she worked for were the ones who revealed their relationship. They said she had travelled to Bahamas for pleasure. It later leaked to the public, making rice loose her trust as a sales representative. She says that her friends betrayed her on TV for money. Most of her clients lost trust in her, and most of them ending the relationship they had. Her profits dropped, making an end to her career. Hart also lost his career after the news was anchored at the most popular stations around the country.

5. Silvio Berlusconi

5-Silvio Berlusconi

The former president of Italy who was charged of tax fraud, crumbling economy, fake accounting, and bribery. He pleaded not guilty, later released but could not run the office. He was also charged for having sexual relationship with minors in his office. Silvio always topped the list of rich people published by Forbes, and he never misses the list whenever it s published.  He was later voted out after 2 years, for he can not run the office.

4. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

4-Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States and Monica Lewinsky was an intern in the white house, making it easier for them to mingle. They had a sexual relationship which led to the impeachment of Clinton from the office, and later reinstated by the senate. Their scandal occurred around the office and it came to the press after he was removed from office. Monica later wrote a piece of writing explaining the whole issue which attracted a huge crowd of people to read this article. It ruined bill public image and his career too.

3. Moshe Katsav’s rape and harassment trial

3-Moshe Katsav's rape and harassment trial

Moshe was the former president for Israel, who was convicted for rape and other multiple charges of sexual harassment. Tried by Tel Aviv district court, he pleaded not guilty. He is the highest ranked individual to be convicted ever since. It was a 4-year drama which people lived to talk about. Women praised the court for convicting him, women’s right was respected. He was also charged for a forceful act when he was the tourism minister, harassing two employees in is office later, pleading not guilty. The news did not please the Arabs country for that is his homeland.

2. Jeremy Thorpe

2-Jeremy Thorpe

Jeremy Thorpe was believed to have a three year old homosexual relationship with a former model Norman Scott who was 39. In order to prevent the scandal from the public, he conspired to kill the model. He hired an airline pilot to carry out the killing for $20,000. He failed to carry out the killing claiming that he feared and trembled when he wanted to shoot him ending up shooting sots dog. Jeremy was later taken to court and pleaded that he was not guilty of the charges. The police later learned that he had been abusing young boys in a local children home.

1. The Profumo Affair

1-John Profumo

The profumo affair is about john profumo, the Britain’s powerful war secretary, who was responsible for the nation’s armed forces and military strategy, and Christine keeler a 19- year old night club showgirl. It all came into the public after Christine dumped his then boyfriend who was a London jazz promoter. The promoter fired gunshots toward the apartment which Christine lived with her friend. The owner of the apartment then hurriedly talked to the press, who made the news public immediately. Then the whole affair was in the parliament, who dismissed john who lied about the whole issue. The scandal shocked the government which was later voted out the following year.