Top 10 of the most Best Tennis Players

Top 10 of the most Best Tennis Players

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In the field of sports, one of the very excitement  plays is the tennis section field, in which when you see or witness a play of it, surely you will be excite and totally arousing the body and muscle that is within you.  And in every play they should be a great player involved with it.  Below, it a list of players that makes the game play more excited and interesting.  Excited because every move of this said players in unpredictable and secondly interesting because of their amazing moves and techniques that makes a forgettable score attempts.   Now here are the list of players beginning to 10 up to 1.

 10. Victoria Azarenka


Our first in the listed is Victoria Azarenka, in which she was born in the place of Monaco, Monte Carlo.  Her birthdate is in the month of July, 31th day of the year 1989, which results of her age now of 24 years old.  She started her pro career in the year 2003.  Victoria have many winnings in her every play, one of her recent winnings are the Australian Open in 2012 and 2013, in which has a category of single playing.

9. Andy Murray


Became a pro in his career in the year 2005, Andy Murray make it all with the help of his attending coach name “Ivan Lendi”.  His current age is 26 years old and have been currently live in the place of England.  He is also a right handed in terms of playing tennis in the field.  With the help of his height of about 6’3”, he makes and marks a score points of at least 6,295.  Andy also has the experience of holding many title record, in which it counts for almost 28 in single type play.

8. Sloane Stephens

8-Sloane Stephens

Earns of a money for at least more than $2,086.000, Sloane Stephens marks our number 8 of the listed.  With a career holder title of 1 in single and 2 title holder in double category, she started her professional playing in the field of tennis in the year 2010.  Sloane is currently live in the place of Florida USA.  With her right handed and a twisted backhand style, she surely make a surprised attacked or strike in her opponent.

7. Marion Bartoli


A resident in the place of Geneva Switzerland, Marion Bartoli lived.  She started her professional career in tennis playing in the month of February, year 2000.  Though she is born left handed, but still she gained of practicing of holding in her right hand as her striker move.  The total money which she gained in every play of in the tennis field in more than $11,055,000.  She has also a record in her career guide of 117 out of 82 games.

6. David Ferrer


With an age of 31 years of age, our 6th number of this listed is no other than David Ferrer.  He was born in the place of Javes Spain, where his current place of his house is in Valencia, Spain.  Ferrer starting his professional career as a Tennis player in the year 2000, with the help of his coach name Javier Piles.  His ability of playing tennis is so great, wherein he uses his right hand mostly in every strike that he blows.  His total gained for the last and latest tally is about 6,800 points.

5. Maria Sharapova


One of the famous tennis player in our current time today is Maria Sharapova.  Beside of being the fact of her beautiful face, she also obtain the ability of playing tennis very well.  She currently lives in the place of Florida USA, her birth date is on the month of April 19, 1987.  Maria also play a right handed situation, in which by that strategy makes her gained the money for at least $26,695,000.  One of the greatest event in the playoffs in tennis are the Australian Open in which she won the trophy, French Open, Wimbledon and Us Open tennis playoff.

4. Juan Martin Del Potro


Our 4th in the listed for the best players in field of tennis sports is Juan Martin Del Potro.  Born in the month of September 23rd, year 1988, he currently reside in the place of Argentina.  He started his professional career as a tennis player in the year 2005, Martin also is a right handed player, and that makes him the fact of earning a money of at least $13,538,000.  He has a one career title and also a participants in the Olympic Games, which he won the bronze medal in the tennis play.

3. Venus Williams


A gold medalist in the Olympic Games is our 3rd in the listed, her name is Venus Williams.  This girl veteran tennis player begins her professional career in the year 1994 of the month of October 31.  Vanessa also have many achievement in her tennis playing career, one of her achievements are the 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008 Wimbledon Open.  Beside of being a player of tennis, Vanessa also has a rare talent in other sporting events, in which she makes a mark of winning it in that play.

2. Roger Federer


With a coach name Severin Lnthi, Roger Federer makes a mark in the field of tennis playing.  Our 2nd guy who count for the best players in tennis playing was born in the place of Basel Switzerland.  His current age today is 32 years of age.  Federer started his professional career for playing tennis in the year 1998 that makes him gaining the amount of money of at least $77,995,000.  By his famous ability now, he is not only a player in tennis court but also an endorser of some related items and goods that is famous in our present world.

1.  Serena Williams


Now here we are in our top best players in the tennis field, her name is Serena Williams.  Born in the place of Palm Beach, Gardens, Florida USA, Serena started her career as a professional player in the year 1995 month September 24.  In her full career and an amazing style of playing tennis, she gained the amount of money of at least or more than $51,783,481, which marks a record of a title for the 1st women of all time athletes and all time tennis player athletes in the 4th section of every playoffs.