Top 10 Facts about Irina Shayk

Top 10 Facts about Irina Shayk

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For some, she might not need an introduction for she has been already recognized in the fashion industry. Irina Shayk has been known for her one-of-a kind exotic Russian beauty.

As for the benefit of the few, Irian Shayk, originally named as Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova, is a Russian model who was born and raised in Russia who became more famous after covering the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2011.

Although there were people who would often thought that she is from South Africa, her fierce look and skin were after his father’s. On the other hand, the model got her tantalizing light eyes from her mom.

It’s not just modeling, but Shayk also has passion for other things. She studied music at the age of nine in which she outshined in playing piano and singing in the choir. Fast forward to college, she first studied marketing. It was when she got bored with it, and went to study in a beauty school, joining her sister, Tatiana. Little did the model knew, it was where her career will begin for a local modeling agent noticed her and was amazed by her beauty.

Irina has covering a lot of magazine such as Vogue, Amica, Elle and many more including Sports Illustrated. However, there are still some facts that you should know about her!

10. Irina’s favorite hobby is to write funny poems whenever she’s in mood.


Who would have thought that this Russian model and bikini desginer has a poet blood runs in her? Well, at least for a bit. Irina Shayk admitted that whenever she’s in the mood, she would write some poems in which she would inject her sense of humor. It may not happen most of the time, but until now, she has it in her. The Sports Illustrated beauty admitted this fact in Modelinia in which she directly stated, “When I am in low spirits I like to write funny poetry,” when she was asked about something that no one knows about her.

9. Her favorite stores include Rag & Bone Olivier Theyskens, Scoop NYC and Intermix.


Nope, it’s definitely not Dolce and Gabbana nor Gucci. It’s not Victoria’s Secret, too, and efinitely not Calvin Klein. These are not included in Irina Shayk’s favorite stores, but instead she’s much more into a mixing on-trends style in fashion. Like Rag & Bone Olivier Theyskens, Scoop NYC and Intermix. Intermix is a fashion shop located at New York City. They definitely have a unique style when it comes to their clothing in fashion. As for Scoop NYC, the store is dubbed as “The Ultimate Closet” a contemporary wears in New York City. Rag & Bone, on the other hand, is where British design is combined with the modern fashion of today.

 8. Irina’s favorite food is Japanese cuisine.


No, she’s not into western nor continental food. And no, just because she’s Russian, Irina is into Vodka. “I’m not the kind of person who is out drinking,” the Russian beauty admitted. But instead, her heart belongs to Japanese food! Irina doesn’t really focus on diet and eats whatever she she’s craving for. But according to a source, she’s going gaga over Japanese foods, her latest favorite. When she gave advice at Celebrity-Gossip about what restaurants should someone pick, you probably knew what she has said. “I love Japanese food. My favorite restaurant is Nobu and I like Cipriani, too,” she acknowledged.

 7. She may live in the United States but that doesn’t mean her favorite bra is from Victoria’s Secret. In fact, it’s Simona by Itimissimi.


Irina Shayk is not part of the mainstream when it comes to her lingerie. She may be a model living in the United States but that doesn’t make Victoria’s Secret as her favorite bra. As anyone can see, Irina Shayk is not a typical model in the industry attending photoshoots and other activities involve. She probably has her own style with her own taste in her fashion. She’s Irina Shayk, for god sake! She’s definitely one of a kind. So instead of Victoria’s Secret, she has other choices for her favorite bra which are Simona by Ittimissimi. She was even the one who launche’s the Itimisimmi’s Perfect Bra Collection in London!

 6. Irina idolizes Tyra Banks. She loves her so much that she became her counterpart on season 4 of the Russian version of “America’s Next Top Model.”


Well, it seems like this Russian model can be also be a fan girl sometimes. Except that she’s not going gaga for male artists but rather with the America’s Next Top Model Host, Tyra Banks. Irina loves her so much that she became Tyra’s counterpart in the reality show, America’s Next Top Model Season 4. One time, Shayke posted a selfie of her instagram in where she laid her hair down. This photo received various comments including the remark that she would somehow be Tya’s twin! Tyra Banks seems to love her as well. According to her, if she would have an offspring with Angelina Jolie, they’d probably have a child who exactly looks like Irina Shayk.

 5. What’s her beauty secret? She lives off of coconut butter. Irina says it’s her favorite moisturizer


As for the girls out there, you better read this. The secret that lies behind the beauty of this Sports Illustrated stunner is simple and way natural than any other cosmetics products out there. She simply uses coconut butter as her moisturizer! According to her, she only uses organic products. Well, it is obvious that this had help her become more beautiful as she also stands out on her own among the other models. If there’s a fan girl reading this, you know what to do. Get off with that cosmetics and bandwagon. If your idol is being natural when it comes to her beauty secret, then it’s a great proof that it is already proven!

 4. Irina doesn’t follow any diet plans. She says that she eats what she wants whenever she wants, but she also eats healthy, drinks water and goes to the gym.


One of the beautiful things about this Sports Illustrated stunner is that she never cares about what food to eat. When she craves for something, she’ll definitely have it. However, despite of the fact that she doesn’t follow any diet plans, Irina Shayk still eats healthy foods. Of course, everyone needs to balance their health status to have a healthy life. She also drinks a lot of water in responding to her eating habits. To be fit, Irina would also go to the gym. This would help her maintain those stunning curves that she has in her body. Perhaps that could be the reason why she would still look so sexy despite of not following any diet plans.

 3. Irina says that she’s proud of being a hardworking Russian woman. She loves to tackle on DIY projects. Her favorite jobs include hammering things, chopping up wood for fire and taking care of her household. She doesn’t need a man to help her.


As for the boys out there, guess what! Behind those beautiful curves and exotic beauty lies a tough girl who would probably beat the boys in the neighborhood when it comes to their skills. Irina is a proud hardworking woman from Russia. She doesn’t rely that much to others in taking care of household issues for she knows how to fix them right away. The Russian beauty is fond of performing do-it-yourself projects in which she would chopping up woods for fire, hammering things when needed and probably other jobs around the house that are supposedly for men. It wouldn’t be easier to impress this beautiful girl, huh?

 2. She was born and raised in Russia. But after living years in the United States, she had trouble speaking Russian when working in Moscow.


Before, Irina Shayk may be fluent in speaking RUassian. Of course, she was born and lived there in growing up. However, when she started living in the United States, she needed to communicate through that common language: English. Irina has been in the United States for so long, that she got used to speaking English. Because of this, her Russian fluency somehow fades.  This became a problem when Irina went back to Moscow for work. Despite of her exotic Russian looks, Irina had a little trouble speaking with her fellow countrymen. This might probably because there’s no one to talk to in Russian language back in USA.

 1. Irina was first featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2011. She was the first Russian woman to get on the cover. Landing the cover also helped jumpstart her Russian modeling career.


It was actually in 2007 when she started working for Sports Illustrated. It was the time when she finally became involved to tha magazine’s annual event and photoshoots held in different places. But in February 14, 2011, it was revealed that Irina Shayk was the covermodel for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for 2011. It was a breakthrough in her modeling career. Looking back, she had been in the magazine for about four times. Irina got lucky for her fifth time as she became the cover of this annual American Sports Illustrated magazine. This was her stepping stone to jumpstart her career in modeling.