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Having a degree is becoming highly attractive for a person. Many companies hire candidates during campus interviews and they pay very aggressive salaries for training candidates. In fact, it is not surprising to hear that people get more than 150,000 dollars per month as a starting salary. However, not every candidate gets the similar salary. The salary package is based on the reputation of the degree that issued from any institute.

With the economy wobbly at times, it is essential to educate yourself on the occupational fields that are the most in demand. People can make a wise choice in what major to study for faster employment after graduation degree, and people who have lost their jobs should be familiar with what fields are hiring. The advertising and marketing, physics, Economist, Civil engineer, political scientist, Veterinarian, Full-Time Teacher and News Analyst/Reporter/Correspondent these degrees are becoming more disable in 2013.

During a research it comes to know that the top 10 desired degrees depend on how you measure the number of bachelor’s degrees present surrounded by certain fields. But no matter how you classify the college degrees, there are some habitual themes and recent historical constants. Business degrees stay among the most sought-after degrees, an ongoing trend for the past couple of decades. Other degrees that round out the list amend place from year to year but remain among the Top 10 degrees. Today I am going to explain worlds most famous and desirable top 10 degrees 2013.

10 Marriage and Family Therapist


Unhelpful kids, injured marriages, medicine use, Elder abuse. The list grows, yet psychological health budgets carry on to be slashed. If fetching a marriage and family therapist tops your career goal list, you are to be congratulated and held in high regard, for you will face unprecedented challenges on the road to restoration souls. Keep that attention at the front position of your brain as you help marriages and families continue to exist in these complex times.

9. Master’s in Business Administration


When you complete your education with a master’s degree in business administration, you have verified extensive information in the field of business. Your Master’s Business Administration opens up many job opportunities for you surrounded by the realm of business administration, as well as positions in the health field, advertising and marketing industries and the economical world. Your skilled interests and proficiency will help define which job path to follow with your business mark of the degree.

8.News Analyst/Reporter/Correspondent


A reporter investigates newsworthy articles and writes or online information about them. They can work for a large variety of news outlets and report articles using a variety of sources such as make, online and video. The agency of Labor Statistics reported the normal salary of gossip analysts, reporters and journalists.



The majority veterinarians take care of dearly loved family pets, but the everyday jobs of other vets can range from researching animal and human being diseases to curing farm and ranch livestock. Competition for veterinary degree is tight, so training and grades are of greatest importance.

6.Full time teacher


Getting a full time teaching degree can be an intimidating task for many graduates. However, teachers are always highly required, so the chances of getting a job right out of institutes are good. Prospective teachers may not find the first job they apply for, but with insistence and professionalism most potential teachers will succeed in securing a full-time teaching job surrounded by a short time of period.

5. Political Scientists


As the political world becomes more difficult and political stakes continue to increase, the role of the political scientist is becoming more related to daily life. While being a political scientist once destined to write academic identification and advising governments, today’s political scientists issue popular books, appear on the every night news and play a vital role in policy.

4.Civil Engineer


Civil engineers design, construct, maintain and handle the construction of public and confidential facilities such as transportation, pipelines, bridges, dams, highways, tunnels, subdivisions, water cure systems and airports. Civil engineers handle both projects and people, taking an active hand in the building of needed facilities. There are several advantages to becoming a civil engineer, not the most of which is a rising job market and competitive wages.

3. Economist


People who are called economists study normal human behavior in the contemporary world. This adds how a marketplace will deal out goods, how people will make choices based on shortage, how scarce wealth are allocated, the costs related to these choices and where, when and why supplies and services will be produced. They examine economic trends, analyze the significance of these trends, perform research and build theoretical models to explain exacting phenomena.



Physics touches every feature of our lives. It involves the study of matter, power and their interactions. As such, it is one part of science that cuts transversely all other subjects. Other sciences are contingent on the concepts and techniques developed from side to side physics. Other disciplines such as chemistry, crop growing, environmental and biological sciences use the laws of physics to superior understand the nature of their possess studies. Physics focuses on the universal nature of the natural world, generally through a numerical analysis.



Advertising and marketing are the fields that first come to mind when taking into consideration a career in online business? However, consumer mentally and behavioral economists study the way consumers react to products and services, as well as factors such as motivation and product performance. Psychology’s emphasis on examining and understanding human behavior is appropriate for a marketing or advertising career. Some degrees can offer relevant instruction, experience and insight to those who wish to enter the business world.