Top 10 countries with the highest number of airports

Top 10 countries with the highest number of airports

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An airport is a place or a location where aircraft or aero plane such as fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and blimps take off and land. It is one of the safest journeys for the people who want to go to a long distance within a very short time using aircrafts, helicopters, blimps etc. These airports are also used to carry various things from one place to other when an important issue occurs like when starving a country, foods and other necessary things are transferred to that country within a very short time through helicopters, aircraft etc. An airport consists of at least one surface such as runway for a plane to take off and land, helipad or water for take offs and landings and often includes buildings such as manage towers, hangers, terminal buildings etc.

All the countries of the world have airports to communicate with other countries or for internal communications. But the highest number of airports indicates how much develop a country is in their internal and external communications.  The country which has the most number of airports is USA. It has 15,079 airports. Here we will describe the top 10 countries which have the most number of airports.



As Mexico is the newly industrialized country and tenth most visited country in the world, it has a vast number of airports to link with the major communications. In an effort to expand air traffic in Mexico and optimize the operation of the country are many airports, the Mexican government decided to privatize a large number of airports in 1998. In the year 2004, the airport group as whole served approximately 14 million passengers, with 72% of total traffic passing through the Cancun Airport. Passenger traffic grew 14% with an additional 1.7 million passengers travelling through the ASUR airports. Now they have 1834 airports in total and 97 percent airports serve the passengers travelling. As it is one of the most visited countries in the world, the tourists come here in every month through airplanes. As the prices of tickets are affordable to all the middle class family, they feel comfortable in taking the journey to a long distance or to a short distance. The government in Mexico has also realized the importance of having many airports and they have announced to make some airports in upcoming future.



France is the largest country in Western Europe. It is also the wealthiest country in Western Europe, 5th largest and Europe’s second largest economy by nominal GDP. With the expanding of their industries, they have a large number of airports by which they perform the exports, the people of France and the tourists travel through here and there etc. They have 20 major commercial airports and 100-200 other airports for internal communications using private planes. There are some reasons behind having so many airports in France which are given below:

1)   France is the heaven for the tourists. They have a full of natural resources and other attractive places. The tourists came here in every season in a year. They use the planes to go one place to another within a very short time.

2)   As the flights are not expensive and the hotels are fully affordable for anyone, people use airplanes or other private planes to go.

3)   With the expunction of the industries, airports are must to perform the exports and imports within a very short time with the rest of the world.

Government is also taking some steps by investing to expand the airports security to make everyone feel comfortable and a safe journey to the passenger.

United Kingdom:


Air travelling is the major communication systems in UK. Air transportation system in the United Kingdom is the commercial carriage of passengers, freight both within the United Kingdom and between the UK and the rest of the world. In the past 25 years, with the increase of the industry the demand for travelling by air is to increase from the current level of 236 million passengers to 465 million in 2030. Almost half of the people in United Kingdom take the shortest journey by air travelling. London Heathrow Airport is amongst the top ten busiest airports in the world. The majority passengers travelling by air from the UK are carried by UK airlines. As the people have the opportunities to take these flights, the usage of domestic flights is decreased. As the price is low for the tickets and the tight security in every airport, almost every people of the middle class family feel secure of taking the journey. The Government is also trying hard to increase the security of the airports for the safe journey of the passengers.



As the 6th largest country by total area, Air travelling is one of the most recreational journeys for the Australians. As the price is low, People of all classes enjoy travelling through airplanes, helicopters etc. In 2004 the number of total airport is 448 which were not sufficient for them at that time. The Government realized the importance of airports for expanding industries as well as a good communication system with the present world. That’s why, on 9 February 2010, the Australian government announced a 200 million dollar investment over four years to strengthen Australia’s domestic and International aviation industry. They also include the Australian Government new travel security website which provides information on the security measures in place at Australian airports. Its purpose to help travelers prepare for their safe journey and clear the security checks at the airport quickly and easily. This secures the safe and sound journeys to all the passengers.



The air traffic situation in Germany airports is characterized by intense capacity consumption at the most important airports and low utilization at many other airports. As Germany is a well developed country in Europe, main transportation system for the communication to the world is by air. After many years of strong growth, the demand for air transport services is stagnating in some markets. The traffic at the 18 international airports of Germany has reached a peak volume of 142 million passengers in the year 2000 which drops to 135 million in 2002.Only about 1 percent of all distance travelled was by plane in 2002. But due to a decline of high prices, the domestic air travel is becoming more attractive now.

 Frankfurt International airport is the largest and a major transportation hub in Europe. It is one of the airports with the largest number of international destinations served worldwide. Other major airports are Munich, Berlin-Tegel, Hamburg etc. which create a great impact in the economy of Germany.



As China is developing their technologies day by day and trying to expand their market in all over the world, airports are must for the best communications. With rapidly expanding civil aviation industry, by 2008 China had total 147 civil airports of all types and sizes in operation of which 45 airports for military-civilian use. Investment in china’s aviation in industry is likely to reach 230 billion in the next five years. China’s investment has increased since the turn of the century. From 2005 to 2010, 33 new airports were constructed which brings the total number of airports to 175 in 2010. The Government of China is determined to complete another 82 airports within 2015.  From all the airports in China, Beijing capital international airport handles 55,938,256 passengers and made it the world top 8 airports in terms of passenger traffic.  As the cost is low in china, they travel here and there and enjoy the journey.



As everyone knows, air travel is a form of travel in vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, blimps, gliders etc. Canada has overall 1332 airports. But in Canada, air travelling for low class families is like a dream for them. Government taxes and fees have long carried the blame for the non aggressive nature of Canadian airports and for the lose blood of five million passengers a year in search of cheaper flights south of the boarder. As for the high fees and taxes, the people lose their interest on travelling through air. For example, Vancouver International airport, recently announced a freeze on landing and terminal fees until 2015. These make an impact on the price of tickets for the travelers. These extra costs can compromise between 30 percent and 70 percent of total ticket prices. That’s why, many people in Canada lose their interest on air travelling and this creates a great impact to the government. Now, Government is realizing the effect and trying to make every possible move for lowering the ticket prices so that everyone can enjoy travelling on air.



In a country that is as enormously big as Russia, air transportation becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. Some may choose to use the Trans-Siberian Railway instead; air transport offers the opulence of speed and ease. As Russia is immensely big, there is no opportunity to travel every city by air because of having no airport there. However, the main parts of Russia enjoy good air coverage and the country has a total of 1260 airports. Of these a massive 70 are considered to be international airports offering a broader spectrum of airlines and flight passages of airlines and flight passages than other, smaller Russian airports. Among all the airports in Russia, Domodedevo international is the largest airport in Russia in terms of passenger and cargo traffic.

There are a number of reasons for having many airports in Russia which will be described in the following:

1)   To go from one place to another within a very short time aircrafts are preferred.

2)   Visit long distances very easily, aircrafts are used.

3)   As Russia is well developed country and travelling to different areas is cheap by air, it is easy to use for the middle class family to travel by plane.

Though regional airports may not proffer as high a level of comfort and service as they are used to, they still provide perfectly suitable flight services between various regions and are one of the quickest ways to get around the country.



Brazil officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America region. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, it has commonly two ways of communications with the other countries and for internal communications-using ships or aircrafts. Brazil has more than 4000 airports by which people of Brazil and the tourists travel different areas and also various countries. Among all of them São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport is the busiest and biggest airport here.

Another reason behind having so many airports in Brazil is one of the most tourists’ attractions for the people of the world. Almost all the cities in Brazil offer an attractive tourist destination. Many people all over the world come and visit here in every year.

As Brazil will be the official host FIFA world cup 2014 and the city of Rio de jeniro will host the summer Olympics in 2016, tourism growth will reach a peak in the near future. That’s why; the decision makers in Brazil have come to realize the need for airport capacity increases and modernizations. They want to make easier communications by setting up more airports. As travelling cost is low, the people of middle class family enjoy travelling in aircrafts.


The United States of America commonly referred to as federal republic consisting of 50 states and federal district and which has the largest number of airports more than 15000 airports. Among all of them, the busiest airport and the 2nd largest in USA is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. However all of the New York City metropolitan area’s airports combine to create the largest airport system in the United States, second in the world in passenger traffic and first in the world in total flight operations. Airplanes are available in the US at low prices before there a really good national road network. As USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, it can support a largest interest in aviation. There are some other reasons also:

1)   First take a look at the globe and compare the size of England or Germany with the size of the USA.

2)   In USA train, transport plays only a subordinate part.

3)   The US has large distance; the road infrastructure was weak when aviation started. Even in good roads, flyers could often take a faster direct route.

4)   Due to the great prosperity and mass production, aircrafts were accessible to the upper middle class, such as rich farmers.

5)   Last of all, they have a massive government support and deliberate industrial policy. There were deliberate, druggist efforts to merge early airlines into stronger companies. There was also funding for airports and navigation aids.

These are the reasons of why The USA has the most number of airports in the world.