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A coconut is a nut that grows and matures from a palm tree. These trees grow along the shores of salty water bodies such as seas and oceans. These plants thrive in sandy soil that’s why they are mostly found in the coastal areas. Palm trees are found in places such as: the African coast, the Caribbean and in many islands found in the oceans.Coconut water is a crystal clear liquid that is found in the hollow part of the fruit.

The liquid suspends the endosperm of the coconut during the early stages of development. As the nut matures, the endosperm matures also and gets deposited along the inner walls of the coconut leaving the coconut water in the hollow part of the nut.

When the coconut matures, it gets harvested and the Endosperm part could be eaten whole or included in meals as an ingredient. Coconut water is also useful as it is served as a fresh drink by street vendors or canned for later sale.In some parts of the world, coconut water is used by locals to make cheap palm wine. Recently, the liquid has been marketed as a very nutritious drink as it contains vitamins and minerals. It also has less fat, sugar and calories hence has no health effects.

The following are the advantages of coconut water to the human body:

10. Promotes skin health

skin health

Consumption of coconut water helps improve the complexion and tone of the skin when applied. This ensures that the skin is youthful and free of pimples and acne. Many beauty companies use coconut water as an ingredient in the manufacture of coconut skin products. It contains minerals and antioxidants which ensure that the skin is glossy and not dry by ensuring circulation of oxygen in the skin tissues. Consumption of coconut water is important for healthy skin as it prevents sunburns and heat strokes. Despite that, coconut water has hydrating properties which improve skin tone and complexion by preventing dry skin.

9. Good for pregnant women


Coconut wateris extremely useful when taken by pregnant women. This is because, it is highly rich in vitamins and minerals which not only benefit the mother, but also the developing foetus. Minerals such as calcium are crucial for the developing foetus as they facilitate healthy development of bones and teeth. Despite the nutritional value, coconut water also contains antibodies and enzymes which improve the immunity of the developing foetus reducing health complications before birth. The coconut water also helps in digestion since it contains enzymes such as catalase which breaks down carbohydrates. It also contains anti acids which help maintain the correct pH in the alimentary canal.

8. Controlling diabetes


Coconut water can be used by diabetics to control the effects of the disease. This is due to the fact that coconut water reduces the glucose content in the blood. Metabolism is increased upon taking the coconut water hence reducing levels of blood sugar. For diabetics with poor blood circulation, they experience numbness in their feet or sometimes blurred vision. Coconut water improves cardiovascular health by reducing the levels of blood sugar. The type of diabetes controlled is called diabetes mellitus. Coconut water also controls diabetes by dissolving kidney stones. This ensures that the kidneys function properly in ensuring that blood has enough water. The type of diabetes controlled is called diabetes insipidus.

7. Stronger bones and prevention of kidney stones


Coconut water contains plenty of minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. These minerals help in strengthening bones and for growing children, it helps in healthy bone development. It also contains vitamin D which helps in the prevention of diseases such as rickets. Kidneys are crucial in the body as they are responsible for removal of waste products from the body and regulation of water content in the body. Coconut water helps in the prevention of kidney stones. This is because, it is capable of dissolving the kidney stones which hinder proper functioning of the kidney hence preventing subsequent kidney failure.

6. Improve blood circulation


Coconut water improves blood circulation in the body in a number of ways. Firstly, it is low in calories hence reduces the amount of blood sugar. Reduction of blood sugar reduces the rate of fat deposit along the major arteries and veins of the body. This in turn encourages blood circulation. Secondly, rehydration results in an increase in the water content in the body. During exercise, sweating occurs leading to the removal of waste such as urea from the bloodstream encouraging excretion. Lastly, coconut water aids in the weight loss for people who are obese. This is due to the fact that it facilitates production of energy. This is achieved by promoting burning of calories and fat which results in weight loss and significant improvement of blood flow in the body.

5. Aids in digestion and metabolism


Coconut water not only helps in proper breakdown of food but it also helps in the proper utilization of those nutrients in the body. Many vitamins, enzymes and minerals are found in coconut water. Enzymes such as catalase help in the breakdown of carbohydrates while phosphatase helps in the proper absorption of phosphorus in the body. It also contains anti-acids which help offset pH imbalance in the alimentary canal. Despite that, it is also responsible for increasing levels of energy in the human body as it contains some amounts of glucose. Vitamins and minerals prevent occurrence of diseases while also reducing constipation in the stomach by re-hydration.

4. Improves cardiovascular health

cardiovascular_ health

Coconut water has been for a long time been used for medicinal purposes. It contains a balanced combination of nutrients which are crucial for a healthy living. This drink contains vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium which help in the reduction of high blood pressure for individuals who are affected. Besides that, coconut water has less sugar content. This ensures that people who take the drink can’t experience in calories in their bodies. This in turn reduces fat deposits along the major arteries of the body and the heart reducing the chances of contracting heart diseases. This improves cardiovascular health.

3. Anti-aging properties


A young person may sometimes appear older than his/her own age. This is because, the overall aging process of the body is accelerated by certain factors surrounding the person. They can either be external or internal. External factors that can accelerate the aging process of the body include: lack of proper skin care and exposure to sunlight over a long period of time. Internal factors that can accelerate the aging process have to do with imbalance in the hormonal composition and lack of important nutrients.Coconut water contains vitamins and minerals that promote healthy body processes. It also contains Cytokinins that help in the growth and development of both plant and animal tissues. Scientists believe that coconut water has the ability to reduce the rate of degeneration of cells and also preventing age related diseases. This explains how coconut water reduces aging in both plants and animals.

2. Strengthen the immune system


Coconut water is known to reduce one’s risk of contracting diseases. This is because, it is rich in minerals such as potassium and plenty of vitamins. Vitamins help in improving the body immunity while minerals ensure that the body functions are carried out perfectly. It contains a chemical known as monolaurin that has the capabilities of killing germs. In some parts of the world, coconut water is given to sick people to help them recover. In some cases it has also been used as an alternative for blood plasma since it contains antibodies just like breast milk. This is due to the major fact that the liquid helps in the strengthening of the body immunity.

1. Hydrating properties


Coconut water is known to increase levels of water content in the human body. This is attributed to the fact that the liquid has minerals such as potassium that aid in the re-absorption of water in the kidney tubules. Re-absorption is crucial as it reduces significant loss of water from the human body hence reducing complications resulting from water loss such as constipation. Increasing water content in the body is also crucial to aid in excretion of waste by sweating and also reducing kidney failure. This is the reason why people use coconut water as a sport drink so as to help them re-hydrate their bodies