The Coolest Places for Relaxation

The Coolest Places for Relaxation

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After tedious work, the body needs relaxation and there is no better way of doing it than getting a cool resort at the beach. The top best places to retire have been selected considering how cozy they could be and also the amenities and activities they offer. We all know that oceans have a lot of activities and the top best, offer these activities from scuba diving to other water sports. There are many resorts but the top best have beaten the others due to their creativity in the events that they offer.

 10. Half Moon Bay, West, Roatan- Honduras


 In the best top places to retire, Half Moon Bay, West Roatan- Honduras is position 10. Located in the island of Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras, Half Moon bay is known for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and other water sports. These water sports makes one get the spectacular sight of the flora and fauna. The facilities at this resort offer comfort for relaxing as you enjoy their delicious meals. Their coconut tree beach front cabins are clean, comfortable and very affordable. Their beachfront accommodation is convenient and affordable.

9. Power- sand beach-Thailand


In the best top places to retire, Power- sand beach- Thailand is position 9. This resort is suitable to young people travelling together. They have all amenities making it enjoyable to stay in.  The resort has two swimming pools, gym equipment, a beauty salon, and travel agency, open air games room, a restaurant and many more. For their accommodation, they have contemporary white beach front bungalows with chic interior to simple wooden fan bungalows. Island tours, boat trips and diving sports are available to those interested. It is only 5 km away from Haad Rin therefore making it suitable place to stay for those who love Full Moon Party.

8. Park Guell, Barcelona – Spain


In the best top places to retire, Park Guell Barcelona – Spain is position 8. The park, built in 1900 and 1914 was designed by Antoni Gaudi, a prominent architect. The city of Barcelona has owned the park since 1923. Situated on the hill of El Carmel, the park was intended for a community of sixty single- family residences. It includes lush vegetation, winding roads, a covered market place and central plaza overlooking the sea. The park has a grand stairway which features a colorful tile mosaic dragon. It is nice to see the 19th century architecture at its best.

7. Granada – Nicaragua


In the best top places to retire, Granada – Nicaragua is ranked 7th. Granada is one of Nicaragua’s most important city and the country’s main destination for international travelers and tourism. Granada is built around its main square that represents the city’s social, cultural and economic hub. For you to get that perfect view of Granada is on foot. You can walk along its narrow street. It has lovely inner patios, the rooms are furnished with nice rocking chairs. The hotel colonial in Granada is one of the hotels to stay in while there. All rooms are air conditioned with private bathrooms, hair dryer and hot water. It has a comfortable pool with a beautiful wet bar.

6. Queenstown – New Zealand


In the best top places to retire, Queenstown – New Zealand is ranked 6th. It is the southern hemisphere’s premier four season lake and alpine resort. It is surrounded by majestic mountains on the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu. This scenery is spectacular. It is a place to visit all the year round. A cosmopolitan haven, offering a limitless adventure, southern wine and cuisine, Queenstown also offers bungy jump, ski or snowboard, paraglide, jet boat, white water raft, skydive, hang glide, jetski and drive quadbikes. Its location makes it a perfect place to explore the wonders of Fiordland National Park and the Southern Lakes region.

5. Medellin – Colombia


In the best top places to retire, Medellin – Colombia is ranked 5th. It is one of the places one would retire in because of its lifestyle. The second largest city in Colombia and one of the beautiful cities in South America, Medellin is a home to spectacular views. Cradled in the Aburra Valley and bisected by Medellin River, It hosts a nightlife called ‘Rumba” which runs from Thursday night to Saturday night. It also serves as a popular air hub for tourists. Transportation is low, buses, taxis, world class metro all ply the route. It has good hotels and lodgings.

4. Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia


In the best top places to retire, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia is position 4. It is the largest city in the country with 1.6 million people both local and foreign origins. It hosts many tourists because it is the main entry point for visitors. With extensive network of roads and integrated transport system, transport around the city is not congested. The city exudes a cosmopolitan feel and is used to tourists from all over the world. Being a former British colony and a Muslim country, Kuala Lumpur offers the best of both east and west. Over the last thirty years, the city has changed tremendously. It is a sociable and safe place with good nightlife and enough interesting monuments to keep visitors busy. There is a mixture of cultures with Chinese and Indians making themselves felt in the streets. We cannot leave its boisterous markets, ranging from fish and produce markets stuffed into alley ways to stalls selling cooked food or inexpensive clothes and accessories.

3. Tulum – Mexico


In the best top places to retire, Tulum – Mexico is position 3.  Tulum is a community with pristine beaches. One can enjoy free and easy vacation because of the bohemian style. The port has a combination of thriving eco – tourism activities and one major Mayan ruin. As you discover the ruin, you get to the southern part to discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the Riviera Maya along the beach. These beaches are beautiful and less crowded. Business too thrives well because of the international population. Tulum is made up of three distinct sections: the Tulum ruin, the Tulum Pueblo and the Tulum beach. It also has the fresh water pools called the Cenotes. The Cenotes also has some fresh water to offer the community as it is a vast underground river system which flows beneath the Yucatan Peninsula.

2. Panama


In the best top places to retire, Panama is position 2. It marks the official opening of the waterway joining the two oceans on August 15th, 2014. Panama marks its 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal with celebrations in 2014. It is located in the middle of the South and North American continents. It neighbors the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Costa Rica and Columbia. The Canal is one of the spectacular tourist sites. Apart from that, it has beautiful beaches, rain forests and mountains. Visitors can sample indigenous cultures found in Comarca de Kuna Yala. Other beautiful places that one shouldn’t miss are Parque national Vulcan Baru for its volcano, The Mountains of Boquete with its hiking trails and coffee plantations; the beaches of Santa Catalina for surfing; the Peninsula De Azuero for its festivals. With its diverse wildlife, the city is a cosmopolitan capital.

1. Quito – Ecuador


In the best top places to retire, Quito – Equador is position 1. This beautiful city is found in the valley at the base of the Pichincha Volcano. It is a perfect base for you to start your tours if you get a direct flight. Though located on the equator, Quito has an unusual climate with a few months of intermittent rain. It gets cool in the evening. It is good to allow yourself one or two days to get used to the altitude which is at 2850m. Once getting used to the climate then you can begin to enjoy yourself. This city is a place of adventure. There are ecoadventures in Quito to suit everyone, hiking, climbing and birding. So this is the right place for relaxing and taking a break.