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Tachi and katana are some of the very popular types of swords in japan. They look so similar although they are different

Tachi Katana
Wielder Shogun or Lord Samurai
How it is carried Sword is slung by a cord from the waist Stuck into waist belt
Weight Heavier Lighter
Cutting edge down up
Utilization Mounted warriors Ideal for close combat

Tachi refers to a sword that is averagely 75 centimeters long with a cutting edge of 27 to 31 and a half inches.it is lighter in weight as compared to its length proportion. The blade appears curved and slender but more curved than a katana. Traditionally, it was worn by hanging it from the belt with the cutting edge facing down.

Katana refers to a sword that is averagely 60 to 73 centimeters long. The blade is 23 to 28 and three quarter inches long. The blade appears curved and slender.it is also single-edged. The sword is hung on the belt with the cutting edge facing upwards. This is what makes it distinct from the tachi.

From the definitions, the two have so much in common; the difference comes in the sizes whereby a tachi may be longer than a katana. More so, tachi is more curved than a katana and when placed on the belt safe faces downwards unlike katana that faces upwards


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