SWEDEN Travel Guide

SWEDEN Travel Guide

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SWEDEN Travel Guide

Sweden is one of the largest of the Nordic country where the country is filled with wooden buildings, traditional huts and churches in an impressive contemporary architecture. Since prehistoric times the country was inhabited by Germanic people where the southern is predominantly agricultural and northern is heavily forested


  • KOSTERHAVET NATIONAL PARK:Kosterhavet national park borders in the Norway and it’s the first marine park with about 6000 species of marine life. The park is centred around the sea of koster islands and makes it popular for snorkelers and divers
  • SAREK NATIONAL PARK:It is one of the oldest national parks in Europe which is located in Jokkmookk of Swedish Lapland with multi visit destinations. The park is also home to 200 peaks and 100 glaciers and it’s the incredible place in Sweden
  • VASA MUSEUM:The museum is located in the Djurgarden and also the royal park in Ostermalm of Stockholm. There lots of museum in the capital city and vas museum is one of the best which is 17th century structure with amazing exhibits
  • ORESUND BRIDGE:Oresund Bridge is the important bridge in Europe which connects the Sweden and Denmark. It is the longest combined road which stretches from Swedish city of Malmo
  • GAMMELSTAD CHURCH TOWN:Sweden Lapland is the oldest church of town Gammelstad and known as Gammelsatds Kyrkstad which has collections of 15th The church is surrounded by 400 wooden houses and the houses are of red and white


  • The two southernmost traditional regions of the country are Gotaland and Svealand
  • The Krona is the currency of Sweden
  • Among the European country Sweden is the only country to establish national parks in the Nor lands of mountainous regions and across the country there are numerous natural reserves and cultural heritage are established
  • The country is sparsely established with long coastline, forest and lakes with amazing mind blowing sceneries considered as the world’s northern most country with surface area comparable to Spain, Thailand and California
  • Sweden is divided into two parliamentary blocs namely left of centre and right of centre where the left consist social democrats, left and green party. The right bloc consist of Moderate and centre party, Christians democrats and Liberal party
  • Islam is the main religion of the country and the other religions like Judaism and Buddhism are also followed and Christian denominations are also widespread with Lutheran Christianity also one main one
  • Because of the most innovative nation all over the world it is also called as the digitally connected economy and homeland with the Germanic ethnicity and culture
  • The national flag of the country consist of yellow or gold Nordic cross with blue field and the Nordic cross represents the Christianity
  • Swedish is the main official language of the country and English is the majority spoken
  • Stockholm is the country’s largest capital and other major cities are Western Sweden and Malmo in south


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