Sushi vs Maki

Sushi vs Maki

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People living in the East Asian Countries preferably in Japan, have historical and oriental style of preparing their authentic cuisines. Some of the famous artistic foods like Sushi and Maki have originated from Japan. Now, let me ask you something. Which do you prefer, Sushi or Maki?

The major difference lies between these unique dishes are the manner of preparing the food and the mixture of their ingredients. People often mistaken that Sushi means raw fish, but the truth is, it refers to vinegar rice. This ancient cuisine is a combination of fermented raw fish and rice with the savory of vinegar. The reason for pouring some vinegar is traditionally for preservation purposes. On the other hand, Maki is a rolled sushi in a cylindrical form. Some uses Nori, also known as dried seaweeds, and rolled-over covering the outer portion of the rice. It has also mixtures of parallel chop vegetables, meat, seafood or mangoes in its center.

In terms of the taste, Sushi is more sour than Maki. Some of the latter is flavored sweetly because of the twist mixture strips of ripe mangoes. Both dishes use condiments such as wasabi paste and soy sauce to add neutral flavor to the Sushi or Maki.

If you are planning to challenge your exquisite taste, I recommend you to try these delightful dishes and discover the touch of Japans’.