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South Africa which is located in the southern tip of Africa which is bordered by Nambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. It is a multi-ethnic country with variety of cultures, languages and religions with stunning scenery and beaches around. Pretoria is the capital of the country located in north eastern part


  • CAPE POINT NATURE RESERVE:Cape nature reserve lies at the tip of cape peninsula and it’s a nature reserve within table mountain national park. The original name of the park was named as cape of storms by navigator Bartolomeu Dias in 1859.The park includes 250 species of birds and animals
  • BOULDERS BEACH :Boulders beach is located near Simons town in false bay and it is famous for penguins with white sand beach and also home to more than 3000 penguins ,other birds and mammals with excellent view point
  • BLYDE RIVER CANYON:Blyde canyon is the second largest canyon in Africa and the river is greener due to subtropical foliage. The canyons offers a rich flora and fauna and offers with waterfalls and ancient geological phenomenon with nearby wetlands
  • CAPE WINELANDS:The fertile cape wine land valley was surrounded by mountains, sleepy villages with brilliant monuments and fruitful orchards. The valley is famous for delicate wine flavours and savary
  • GROOT CONSTANTIA:Groot Constantia is main for its high quality for Shiraz, Merlot and grand Constance and celebrated for Constantia desert wine and the wine museum displays drinking vessels


  • Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa and apart from his original name Rolihlahla Mandela he has six different names in the country
  • The country is a multi-ethnic society with wide variety of cultures, languages and religions which makes entirely different from other countries
  • The oldest mountain called Table mountain is located in the South Africa which is the 12 main energy centre emitting spiritual, magnetic and electric energies
  • There are two different types of mammals in the country namely fastest mammal like African lion,wildebeest,cheetah and the smallest mammals The least Dwarf Shrew lives in the country
  • The country is featured with wetlands,deserts,grasslands,mountains along with sub-tropical forest and bushes
  • The country has three capital cities namely the Executive Capital of Pretoria, the Judicial Capital of Bloemfontein, and the Legislative Capital of Cape Town.
  • The Baobab tree is the smallest tree which is of 1mm in size found in South Africa
  • The longest river called Orange river forms a border between the South Africa and Namibia
  • The most interesting fact is that artefacts of humans of 100,00 years ago are found in the country in name of The Cradle of Humankind along with cave paintings dating back 75,000 back
  • Tugela is the second highest waterfall with total drops of 948 metres
  • The national flag of the country is of with orange, white and blue with three small flags and Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are the major religions