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Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab state in the Asian continent with both red sea coast and Persian Gulf coast with most of the terrain as desert and mountains. The country was established by king Abdal Aziz and it is known as lion of Najd and it’s geographically the fifth largest state in Asia with beautiful beaches and valleys


  • ROCK CARVING SITES:Rock carving is the amazing historical place and the two places Jubbah and Shuwaymus are well known for the rocky archaeological place with many carvings. These carvings on the caves shows the lives of people of early times and the inhabitation of population to the land
  • AL MASJID AL NABAWI:Al Masjid al Nabawi is the important Islamic religion symbol which is located in Madina and considered as the world’s second holiest mosque. It was built by prophet and raised up later by Islamic rulers
  • DUMAT AL JUNDAL:Dumat Al Jundal name was derived from the phrase Duma of stone and the building was like the castle called fort giant. Before this place was occupied by renowned people of ancient times ,the structure like dry looking mud and brick wall at an height of 2000feet
  • JANNAT AL BAQI :Jannat Al Baqi is a burial ground with historical significance and now this place has several thousands of companions of prophet Mohammed and the name means tree garden of heaven and considered as sacred
  • AL TAYEBAT INTERNATIONAL CITY:AL Tayebat international city was located in city of Jeddah and it is the greatest attraction with fascinating architecture and crafts.


  • Saudi Arabia is the largest country which is about one quarter the size of US and its official name is Custodian of the two Holy Mosques
  • The country is well known for the camel market and Riyadhs camel market is the largest and the most famous one about 100 camels got sale per day
  • Saudi Arabia is a Arab country and there is no river in the country
  • The ethnic group of Saudi Arabia is Arab and Sunni Islam is the main religion practised
  • Unitary monarchy government is followed in the country with King, Crown prince and deputy Crown Prince
  • The most important holy site of Saudi are Mecca and Medina and Rub Al Khali is the driest place occupying the major portion of country
  • The green colour in the national flag represents the Arabic inscription and sword
  • Religion, tribalism and wealth are the most important elements of the country with an subsequent history
  • Arab were the first peoples to originate into the country but also the country is a homeland to Islam which is the second largest religion
  • In Saudi Arabia the local dance called Al Ardah is used to performed for many occasions and it was performed by tribes before going to war
  • Riyadh which is the capital of Saudi is a skyscraper filled metropolis


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