Quick Guide To Placing A Pizza Order Online

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Ordering pizza, as we all have done over the years over the phone is still the most popular way to get pizza delivered to our homes. Then again, as times change and improve, we have to adapt as well and find new ways to do old things. It looks like things are changing with respect to ordering pizza with the introduction of online facilities to order pizza as against doing it over the phone.

Ordering online, as an independent activity has been going as soon as the internet came into prominence almost fifteen years ago. Many of us would have fond memories of actually stepping into an electronics store to buy the latest electronic gadget or the biggest television screen or gaming console. All of that is mostly gone now, given that almost every large brick and mortar retailer is downsizing or outright closing shop. All this is an indication that online shopping has in fact taken over our lives completely.

Online Food Ordering

While most of us are comfortable ordering non-food items online, there is still some apprehension about ordering food online. We can probably trace this apprehension to the varied and still prevalent issues with online ordering like delayed deliveries, cancelled orders and such instances. Fortunately, the pizza outlets that have decided to provide online ordering options have made suitable amendments to fix this problem. So, with these apprehensions taken care of, there really is no reason why you should not try online pizza ordering.

Checking Out The Menu

It is easy to explain the online ordering method by contrasting it with something that you are already familiar with – ordering over the phone.

In the first step, you decide to order pizza. In the classical scenario, you usually pick up the menu that was probably given when the pizza was delivered the last time and choose something. An important thing to note here is that the take out menu that was given is usually a compressed menu of its full version at the pizza outlet. In the case of online ordering, you will visit the pizza place’s website where you will have access to the entire menu, with the latest specials, offers and interactivity to boot.

What is interesting though is how far pizza places go to make the virtual menu on their website look just like the conventional menu. The menu will have buttons that will move the pages like if it was real. Some even add sounds that make you feel as if you just turned a page as you move through the menu on the site.


Once you have chosen what you want with the takeaway menu, you call and place the order with the teller on the phone.

With online ordering system, there is no teller. In its place is a virtual shopping cart that flies with you on the website as you browse through the menu. All you have to do is click or tap on the item you like and keep browsing. This is actually a better way to build your menu because you have the luxury of time. When speaking with a teller, it would be rude to take up anything more than a few minutes to place the order.

Then again, if you are ordering for the entire family or large group of friends, invariably, the conversation can go on for a long time. More often than not, you will either feel guilty for keeping the teller on hold for so long or the teller on the other side of the phone begins to sound impatient. None of this impatient stuff happens with pizza shopping. The website will wait for minutes and hours as you choose your menu. It will also let you scrap an order and start from scratch as many times as you want.

Payment Benefit

With online ordering, you get to pay for the pizza right away. This can be very convenient especially if you find yourself constantly out of cash to pay the pizza delivery person, which happens more often than many of us would like to admit it. Such uncomfortable and surely embarrassing scenarios won’t happen when you already pay for the pizza through the website.

Once the order has gone through, you will be given an order number which usually indicates the time by which the pizza would be delivered. Further, the order confirmation would also include a phone number to call just in case if there is any delay. All in all, everything turns out just fine with online pizza ordering.

The author, who finds himself using the internet more often than necessary, finds the option of pizza online delivery a gift of technology. Click here to find out his favourite online pizzeria.