Pineapple – Green Peas Salad– Recipe Preparation Method

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Pineapple – Green Peas Salad Recipe Preparation Method

Pineapple – Green Peas Salad


  • Ingredients for Salad :
  • Pineapple -2pieces
  • Coconut -1/2
  • Chopped capsicum -1
  • Steamed green peas -1/2 cup
  • Chopped Red chili -1
  • Ingredients for Decoration:
  • Crushed Coconut milk -1/2cup
  • Milled coconut -3spoon
  • Cream -1/4cup
  • Pineapple juice -4spoon
  • Pepper powder –needed amount
  • Salt –needed amount


  1. Take the pineapple, coconut, capsicum and peas in a large vessel and mix it thoroughly.
  2. In another small vessel take all decorative items and mix well.

Before serving decorate the items in large vessel and serve the salad by garnishing with chopped green chilies.