NORWAY Travel Guide

NORWAY Travel Guide

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NORWAY Travel Guide

Norway is a northern most country in Europe and this large peninsula is shared with Sweden to north along with Finland and Russia. Norway is a sparsely populated country with a rugged landscape, forested hills and valleys with amazing scenery, islands and waterfalls


  • ROROS : It is a copper mining started in 17th century and was continued more than 300 years and there were 2000 wooden houses constructed in medieval look .The farmlands are surrounded by mining operation and the town with winter transport route
  • URNES STAVE CHURCH:Urne stave church is done with several architectural styles over 900 years and the structure was constructed using wood, traditional stone. The church was located in Norway’s coast which blends with Celtic, Viking and Romanesque features
  • TROMSO:Tromso is the largest city in northern Norway with 18th century wooden houses with natural surroundings situated on the islands. The most attractions of the city are arctic aquarium polaria and polar museums and Tromso is the best place in northern lights
  • TRONDHEIM:Trondheim is located in northern city founded in 997 and it was the capital during the Viking age and also the nation’s religious centre during middle ages and also has the 12th century castle which are rich in historical site
  • VORINGFOSSEN:It is the most famous waterfall in Norway which is 180 metres located in mabodelen almost 200 years old and a hotel was built at the top and considered as amazing destination spot.


  • The shape of the country is Elongated one which is a long rugged coastline with more than 50,000 islands
  • According to Global Peace Index Norway is considered the most peaceful and the wealthiest country
  • The name Norway is also known as Norge or path to north which means location on the northern periphery of Europe
  • Extending from Scandinavian peninsula the topography features the main backbone of the country
  • Norwegian is the wide spoken language of the country which is a north Germanic language related to Swedish and Danish
  • Norwegian Krone also called as Kroner is the currency of the country
  • Evangelical Lutheran Christianity is the religion in Norway and the mostly practised one along with Catholic church
  • The features of the country are natural beauty of lakes, mountains with amazing northern lights and midnight sun
  • The national flag of the country is of tricolour of red,white and blue ,in the centre is an off centred white and blue cross which is taken from Danish and Sweden flags
  • Laerdal is the longest tunnel in the world which is about 24.5 kilometre located in Norway and Hornindalsvatnet is the deepest lake of depth of 514 metre
  • The artic portion of the country is inhabited by the Sami people who are indigenous groups historically reindeer herders
  • The main originate of Viking is from Norway, Denmark and Sweden and the name means Old Norse or Pirate Raid


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