NEW ZEALAND Travel Guide

NEW ZEALAND Travel Guide

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NEW ZEALAND Travel Guide

New Zealand is an island country located in south western Pacific Ocean and the country is divided into North Island and South Island. The country is featured with stunning natural beauty with rolling pasture land, lakes and beaches with charming villages      


  • MILFORD SOUND : Milford is located in the northern part of new Zealand and it offers the most staggering coastal scenery with majestic peaks and blue waters and most famous attractions
  • SKY TOWERS :Sky tower is a telecommunication tower located in the largest city of new Zealand with a height of 328 metres .It is the tallest free standing tower structure in southern hemisphere and has become the iconic structure with an orbit revolving restaurant
  • NAPIER ART DECO :Napier Deco is a small city in north island east coast and is famous for famous art deco architecture and the architecture was strikingly different from other cities with its style and picnics
  • LAKE TAUPO AND TONGARIRO NATIONAL PARK:Both lake Taupo and national park act as the world heritage site located in north island with its spectacular volcanic features and Maori culture.Tongariro is the oldest park with dramatic beauty of towering volcanoes, turquoise lakes and hot springs and the highlight is tongariro alpine crossing
  • BAY OF ISLANDS :The bay of islands is the popular destinations which contains 144 islands, secluded bays and sandy beaches and this bay has an abundance of marine life’s


  • New Zealand is an amazing country which is featured with mind blowing wide varieties of scenery,mountains,lush greenery with mountains and lakes around it with giving a best opportunity to camp, hike and mountain bike
  • The country is situated in the southeast portion of Australia of about 2012 kilometre having two main islands along with small islands too which is scattered from tropical to Antarctic
  • The main north and south islands are separated by cook strait where the north island is located in the south central of volcanic region with hot springs and beautiful geysers and south island in the west coast of southern Alps with highest mountain ranges
  • Amazing truth is Queen Elizabeth II is represented in New Zealand by governor General
  • New Zealand has two official national anthems where the first anthem is God save the Queen and the other anthem is God Defend New Zealnd.Denmark and Canada also have royal and state anthem
  • Tuatara is the largest reptile of the world which is a fast growing up to 2 feet long and have become extinct over 60 million ago and found only in New Zealand and also home to other varieties of 44 reptile species
  • The flag of the country is of with blue ensign background along with four red stars with white borders and these stars represent the asterism within constellation of Crux
  • Hinduism is the main religion followed in the country along with non-Christian religions


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