Mouth watering Italian ice cream

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There are only a few people who do not love ice cream. Consuming ice cream is a heavenly pleasure and it’s very difficult to resist yourself if a lovely ice cream with lots of fresh fruits along with fresh cream is being presented in front of you. As there are some foodie who do not think about the content of calories, similarly there another group who are interested in making ice creams so that they can have the homely flavor.

An ethnic Italian form of ice cream is Gelato and it resembles an American ice cream apart from few differences. Usually in Gelato, milk, sugar is mixes along with the other delicacies. In order to break up ice crystals while the formation, while freezing all the ingredients is stirred properly.

  • Traditionally Gelato is formed using fresh fruits along with other ingredients. Majority of the people will like to have the common flavors like candies, biscuits, small cookies, nuts and not the least the chocolate.
  • You have to mix pure chocolate in the form of a chip or flake and if you are adding water instead of adding milk products, then the different flavor of an ice cream is formed and it is known as sorbet.
  • It was commonly said that milk based Gelato was used in the Northern Italy and the water and the fruit Sorbet was very popular ice cream of the warmer climate of Southern Italy
  • The content of sugar is very low in the Gelato
  • Gelato can be available in different flavors and the delicacy is outstanding
  • The home made special Gelato has all the fresh ingredients and it has to be denser and the most important point is that Gelato is churned at much lower speed in order to make it light and fluffy
  • There are many flavors that you can choose to make as per your taste chocolate, champagne, cherry and coconut.
  • At first you have to mix sugar and milk in the appropriate ratio and then you have to stir very well until the sugar crystals dissolve completely.
  • Try to cool down for at least for 10 minutes at the normal temperature
  • After that you add the syrups and keep the entire procedure in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours
  • After that you have to take the frozen scoop out of the mixture
  • After that you want to give an artistic touch to the ice cream to make it more yummy and presentable
  • Cut the fruits into slices and add toppings or garnish with chocolate sauce and if you want with other flavor.
  • Sprinkle the nuts on the top in order to have different ecstasy

This is a homemade Italian Ice Cream Recipe and that is ready by adding fresh fruits, nuts and when you will be serving you will be getting lots of applauding. But the whole recipe is time consuming and so you can try for once or twice but not frequently.