MOROCCO Travel Guide

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MOROCCO Travel Guide

Morocco is aNorth African country which lies on the coastline of North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by Sahara to south, Algeria to east and Mediterranean cost to north. The country is rich in agriculture, phosphates and textiles


  • MEKNES:Meknes is one of the four imperial cities of morocco and it is closely linked to Sultan Moulay Ismail. The city was turned into an impressive one in Spanish Moorish style by sultan with lots of historical monuments and natural sites
  • CHEFCHAOUEN :Chefchaouen is a gorgeous mountain city which is located in north-eastern part of morocco and it is set against the backdrop of Rif mountains with distinctive houses and turned into popular destination offering handicrafts, wool garments and the region around is popular for cannabis
  • TODRA GORGE:Todra Gorge is located on the east side of high Atlas Mountains, both Todra and Dades rivers have carved out through the mountains.
  • ESSAOUIRA:Essaouira is formerly known in 16th century by Portuguese as Mogador and it is protected as a natural bay. It was then rebuilt in 18th century to increase trade exchanges with European powersand Parasols are used in beach to protect wind
  • DRAA VALLEY :Draa valley is located on south of high atlas mountains along with ols kasbahs,berber villages and palm groves and the Draa valley starts in high atlas and ends in the Atlantic ocean and drive through is the most scenic


  • The national flag of the country is made of red field with a black bordered green pentagram with a five pointed star at the centre which represents the seal of Solomon
  • The official language of the country is Moroccan Arabic and Berber where Arabic and French are spoken in government, media and commerce
  • The country is influenced by different various architectural styles ranging from clean and ornate designs in bold colours which are also influenced by religion and cultural style. Other countries such as Arab,Portugal,France also influences this Moroccan architecture
  • Rabat is the capital city of the country and the largest city of the nation is Casablanca and also include cities like Fes, Agadir, Oujda, Tangier, Marrakesh and Nador
  • Casablanca is the main port city of the nation
  • The south eastern portion of Morocco is covered by Sahara desert and people live in the north and south portion of Sahara desert
  • Berber people inhabited in the north portion of the country in Rif mountains where they stretch from northwest to northeast of Morocco
  • Atlas mountain is the backbone of the country and divided into three distinct ranges at different altitudes such as Middle Atlas,Anti Atlas and High Atlas
  • The country is occupied by countries namely Romans,Vandals,Visigoths and Byzantines
  • The Tangier is the oldest city of the country which is inhabited by Phoenicians in 1600 BC
  • The country is bordered by Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea