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Major League Baseball or MLB is created on year 1869, and has been governed by its commissioner. The current MLB commissioner is Bud Selig. The MLB is consisting of teams both from the American League and the National League. The American League is composed of fifteen teams, while the National League is also composed of fifteen teams. Each year, the MLB hosts a championship participated by the winners of both leagues, American and National. The winner of the said championship will then be considered as MLB Champion for both parties in that designated year. Out of the thirty teams that would compete for the MLB Champion title, there are only a few of them who have been regular and top winners who have experienced winning the tittle once or twice. There are also those championship stories that have been considered epic due to the fact that the team was considered as underdogs but resurfaced as champions in the end. Do you want to know which teams made it into the top?



The Marlins are the official baseball team of the State of Miami. The team is currently owned by Jeffrey Loria and is currently managed by Mike Redmund. By year 2011, their name was then officially changed to Miami Marlins, along with the change of their colors, and uniforms. They are one of the strongest teams in the National League, with most wins that lead them to appear in the championships. Since its creation, the Marlins have won two MLB championships, the MLB 1997 Championship against the Cleveland Indians, and the MLB 2003 Championship against one of the strongest teams in MLB, the New York Yankees.

9. BOSTON RED SOX – 2004


The Red Sox is the official baseball team of Boston. It is currently owned by John Henry and currently managed by John Farrell. The Red Sox is considered as one of the most dominating team in the American League. The team was created on year 1901 by then team owner John I. Taylor. They previously carry the name Boston Red Stockings but was then changed to the Red Sox. The team has won a total of eight MLB Championships, despite suffering a long drought, experiencing a long period of losing. Baseball fans have believed this drought to be the after effects or the “Curse of the Bambino”. The Boston Red Sox is the current MLB Champion for this year.



The Chicago White Sox is the second baseball team that is based in Chicago. They belong in the American League category while the Chicago Cubs, the second baseball team from Chicago, belong in the National League. Like the Boston Red Sox, their first name was originally White Stockings but then change into White Sox. The team was established in year 1900, and has been considered as a dominant team for twenty years, they won two MLB championships, 1906 and 1917, but then became silent for a total of 88 years, not winning any championship at all. On year 2005, they made a comeback and won the 2005 MLB Championship against the Houston Astros.



The St. Louis Cardinals is the official baseball team of St. Louis Missouri. They were formerly known as “Brown Stockings” and “Browns” from year 1882-1898, and “Perfectos” from year 1899 before being officially named as the Cardinals in 1900 and from there on, they have used the name since. In the 2006 MLB Championships, the Cardinals faced against the Detroit Tigers. The match marks as the third match for both teams since they last faced each other in 1968. They started the season with much energy but their luck ran out in the middle of the season with injuries, and poor performance from their key players. Either way, they emerged as the 2006 Major League Champions against the Detroit Tigers.

6. BOSTON RED SOX – 2007


This time, The Boston Red Sox faced the National League champions Colorado Rockies. The 2007 championship was marked as the first World Series for the Rockies. The Red Sox ended up victorious against the Rockies, outscoring them with 59-15 in their seventh and final game. The Rockies ended up being swept to collect their second World Series championships in four seasons, overall, making it their seventh as well. For the part of the Red Sox, this is then marked as their third sweep. The Rockies would go on to become the first National League team to be swept during a World Series after their sweeping during the League Championship Series.



The Phillies is the official baseball team from the Eastern Division of the National League. The team is the oldest and constant team who have been named once, and the oldest who have played only for one city. They are the longest team to suffer losing drought in the history of MLB, having to wait for 77 years to win their very first World Series Championship. Following their MLB championship win since 1980, the Phillies won their second MLB Championship, this time, waiting for only 28 years. They faced against the Tampa Bay Rays, winning four games to one.



Hail to the most successful team in professional sports, the New York Yankees. The team was established on year 1901 first as the Baltimore Orioles, after moving to New York in year 1903, they were then called The New York Highlanders, before officially becoming the New York Yankees on year 1913. They have won a total of 27 World Championships, 2009 being their 27th win against the defending champions, Philadelphia Phillies. The Yankees have a total of 44 players that have been inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and 11 managers included in the Baseball hall of Fame as well.



The San Francisco Giants was established in year 1958 after moving in San Francisco. They were first known as the New York Gothams upon its establishment in year 1883, and then as the New York Giants in year 1885, after the team eventually moved to San Francisco. They are one of the oldest established baseball teams. They also possess a great record, winning a total of seven World championships, 22 National League Pennants. During the 2010 World Series, they faced up with the Texas Rangers. Their win in 2010, is their first win since their last championship title in year 1954. This is also their first World Series championship title after moving from New York as the San Francisco Giants.



The Cardinals’ 2011 championship title is their 11th and their most recent. At that time, they faced against Texas Rangers. The seven game series was one of the most remembered championships in the history of MLB since it featured back and forth moment during Game 6, with the Cardinals erasing a two-run deficit in the bottom of the 9th inning and did it again during the 10th inning with the Rangers being one step away from claiming the championship in both innings. During game three, Albert Pujols hit three home runs, an event that had happened previously and only done by Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth, also during World Series.



The 2012 MLB Championship was the latest win for the San Francisco Giants, reclaiming it since they last won it in year 2010. This time, they faced up with the Detroit Tigers, emerging triumphantly in a four game sweep. The 2012 title is the seventh World Series for the franchise, the second as San Francisco Giants. Their World Series sweep is marked as the first sweep of a National League team since the Cincinnati Reds swept the Oakland Athletics in the 1990 World Series. Pablo Sandoval was then named as the series’ MVP after tying a record by hitting three home runs in one World Series.