MALAYSIA Travel Guide

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MALAYSIA Travel Guide

Malaysia is a federal constitutional country which is located in south East Asia which consist of thirteen states and three federal territories of total 330,803 square kilomters.Matta is the most famous and biggest travel spot of Malaysia


  • GUNUNG GADING NATIONAL PARK:It is the largest national park where world’s largest flower grows like Rafflsia, this flower grows up to three feet in diameter and bloom anytime of the year and the park also has nice beaches, rugged mountains and jungles.
  • MANUKAN ISLAND : Manukan island is the second largest island and also the first marine national park which is located in eastern Malaysia Sabah state .The island is best known for its great beaches,offshores,scuba diving and snorkelling which has five islands in the park
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country and also the main gateway which is connected to all over the world. The most important places to visit are Twin tower, Abdul Samad building,Batu caves etc
  • MOUNT KINABALU : Mount Kinabalu which is 4,095 m high is the largest peak and most popular climbing destination spot which is located in 85km northeast of kota kinabalu
  • CAMEROON HIGHLANDS: Cameroon highlands is a highland region which is located about 20km east of Ipoh and 5000feet above sea level enjoying cool climate. It is the largest tea producing region and known as major supplier of vegetables to both Malaysia and Singapore and also act as touring spot


  • BahasaMelayu is the official language of Malaysia and also it includes many other languages like Tamil,Telugu,Hakka,Cantonese,Punjabi etc which includes both Chinese and Indian dialects
  • It is a multicultural and multi confessional country with Islam as the official religion and with 61 percent are Islam,19 percent are Buddhism,9 percent Christianity and 6 percent Hinduism
  • The flag of the country is also called as Malay which is composed with 14 alternative red and white stripes along fly and blue canton
  • Borneo is the largest island shared by Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei and also the third largest after Greenland and New Guinea
  • Penang second bridge which connects the Seberang Perai on mainland of Malaysia with Batu Maung on Penang island and the longest bridge with length of 15 miles
  • Petronas towers in Malaysia is the world’s tallest building and considered the twin buildings joined by a sky bridge
  • Borneo is the rainforest region in which Rafflesia flowers generally grow and it’s the most famous one of the country
  • Islam is the religion and all Malays are Muslim by law with 60 percent of the nation is Muslim with Buddhism,christainity and Hinduism
  • Kuala lumpur is the Malaysia’s capital with modern buildings, light rail transit system along shopping malls and cars
  • Malaysia is the only country that includes territory both on the mainland of Southeast Asia and in the islands that stretch between the Asian continental mass and Oceania