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Both Lutheran and Protestants are denominations that cut themselves off the catholic way of Christianity. The two are so similar that it can be difficult to distinguish them.

Lutheran Protestant
Explanation Is a splinter of Protestantism Word that connotes Christians who aren’t  part of the Roman Catholic Church
Adage All Lutherans are Protestants Not all protestants are Lutherans
Altars/vestments Somewhat similar to Roman Catholic None
Last Supper Considered a sacrament but reject transubstantiation No
Salvation Believes  it requires act of grace from GOD Acquired  personal acceptance of salvation to Jesus Christ

Lutheran refers to a Christian denomination that separated itself from the catholic ways and beliefs. This was first led by a Christian catholic priest who decided to flee from the uncultured practices that were in the Catholic Church inconsistent with the scriptures of the bible. This priest was Martin Luther, a German.

Protestant refers to a Christians who are not Catholics as they have pulled themselves away from the catholic beliefs and practices. They do not believe in being led by the pope as a supreme person but believe in the bible being the most supreme form of authority.

From the above definitions, it is evident that both Lutherans and Protestants are Christians who are not Catholics. The difference comes in however whereby, all Lutherans are part of protestants but not all protestants are Lutherans. Lutheran denomination was started by a catholic priest while protestant denomination was a movement representing all Christians against Catholicism.