Juicing Infographic Spills the Facts

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Juicing has been around for decades, and now is more popular than ever. Celebrities, soccer moms, college students, seniors and just about everyone is giving juicing a try. And why not? Nothing could be more sweet, tasty and refreshing than a freshly made glass of homemade juice.

If you’ve never tried a fresh glass of juice, you are in for a treat. Homemade, freshly made juice tastes good, and quite a bit different from your favorite juice or fruit drink from the local grocery store. It is a great way to receive your daily allowance of vitamins and nutrients.

fruit juicing

Moms have turned to juicing to “sneak” fruits & veggies into kids that may be otherwise picky eaters. You may be surprised to discover that otherwise choosy kid will gulp down a glass of carrot and ginger juice, but will push those cooked carrots around and around on the plate. And adults like juicing too, to help lose weight or to stay in good health. Many understand now that “we are what we eat” and when you add lots of good fruits & veggies, you are giving your physical wellness a great advantage.

There are fans and skeptics of juicing, just as with any health “fad.” This one has been around for awhile, but has seen a great resurgence with the recent (2010) documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, that features Australian Joe Cross as he travels across America while embarking on a 90-day juice fast to help improve his health. Cross is obese and not in good health. His juice fast helps him to lose weight and to turn his attention towards improving his health conditions.

Give juicing a try with your family. Drink a glass of juice, to your good health! Designed by Hamilton Beach Brands in support of their juice extractors for home use.