Ivy Gourd ( Kovakkai ) Gravy

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Ivy-Gouard-Kovakkai Recipe Preparation Method



Ivy gourd                     -250gm

Tamarind                    -Marble size

Turmeric powder        -1/4spoon

Coriander powder       -2spoon

Onion                          -2

Tomato                        -2

Oil, Salt                       –Needed amount

Red Chili                      -2

Mustard                      -1/2spoon

Dill                               -1/2spoon

Curry leaves                -Small amount

Preparation Methods:

v  Chop the ivy gourd, onion and tomato.

v  Crush and take the tamarind juice.

v  Take oil in a pan and heat for a while.

v  After heating splutter the mustard, dill, curry leaves and dried chili.

v  Along with the above content add chopped onion and tomato.

v  After frying for a while add the chopped ivy gourd to the masala and keep it steaming.

v  The mixture of tamarind juice, coriander powder, chili powder, turmeric powder and salt should be added to the ivy gourd which is under steaming.

v  Wait for some time till the gravy comes to a semi solid state. Then switch off the flame.

v  Now the delicious ivy gourd gravy is ready to serve.