ISRAEL Travel Guide

ISRAEL Travel Guide

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Israel is a middle eastern country which is bordered by Jordan to east, Syria to north and also shares the Jordan river and Dead sea with west bank and Jordan. The country is officially known as state of Israel and a small country with relatively diverse topography, and also has coastal highlands in north and central regions


  • BAHAI GARDENS:Bahai garden is the most beautiful garden in the world and it is one of the world UNESCO heritage site. The garden is a memorial to founder Bahai faith and also known as hanging gardens
  • THE GALILEE AND SEA OF GALILEE:Galilee is a large region in northern part with beautiful highlands, green fields and history. The Sea of Galilee gives out ancient cities of Tiberias, Sefad and Acre, and the Jordan river
  • JERUSALEM:Jerusalem is the holiest city and the city unites three biggest religions together and the centre of the old city is surrounded by grand wall. The three major religions are Al Aqsa Mosque, The church of Holy Sepulchre and Western wall where it is divided into four quarters namely Muslim quarter,Armenian,Christian and Jewish quarter
  • GOLAN HEIGHTS:It is a mountainous region in the north of the country with beautiful landscapes and wonderful natures with historical shaped attractions. During winter the flowers are bloomed with green fields
  • JERUSALEM OLD CITY :Jerusalem is the capital of the city and most sacred places in the world with three main religions


  • The national flag of the country is a blue hexagon on a white background between horizontal blue stripes with stars at the centre and the blue and white colours based on Jewish shawl and the star symbolise the Jewish people and Judaism
  • Israeli Shekel is the currency of the country and it is divided into 100 Agurot
  • Menorah is the official emblem which give a shape of sage plant named Moria and Jerusalem the capital of country
  • Hebrew, Arabic and English are the languages spoken in the country
  • Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the three main religions practised in Israel
  • The state of the country is located in southwest tip on eastern basin of Mediterranean sea
  • Brail are used in the currency notes of the country which makes easy for the blinds to identify
  • Over 3000 years Israel is the only country which has the same name and located in same land with same languages mandatory military service for women
  • It has four geographic regions such as Mediterranean coastal, northern and central part with hill regions,great rift valley and Negev along unique features with climates and environment
  • The country is surrounded by Lebanon to north,Syria to northeast, Jordan to east and southeast, Egypt to southwest
  • Jerusalem is the capital of the nation and also the seat of government
  • Than any other country in the world it has more number of Muslims per capita