Hypertension vs Hypotension

Hypertension vs Hypotension

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Heart diseases are probably the most known to people and It is common for them to hear the words hypertension and hypotension but is also often makes the confusion to their meanings. While they are almost sounding the same in pronunciation, they do have opposing meanings.

Hypotension is what is most commonly known as low blood pressure. Blood is pumped out from the blood into the general circulation and what maintains the blood pressure are the nerve impulses, the capacity of vessels and vessel wall elasticity. In the condition of low blood pressure, there is a compromise in the circulation which results in a shock to the patient. The more common than the hypotension, on the other hand, is hypertension which is the complete opposite, which is the high blood pressure. The blood pressure is elevated in this condition which is due to some clinical status or aging which is the result of elasticity loss of the blood vessels called essential hypertension. Hypertension appears to commonly show to older individuals but the hypotension can possibly show to early ages.

The symptoms of hypotension are tiredness, blurred vision, and dizziness while hypertension features chest pain, headache, and some visual halos.