MILLE FEUILLE GATEAU Recipe Preparation Method

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MILLE FEUILLE GATEAU Recipe Preparation Method


  Ingredients                                         quantity

  • Puff pastry Dough                            200g
  • Apricot jams                                      100g
  • Pastry cream                                     1/4litre
  • Fondant (or) Water icing                 200g

Preparation Method for Mille Feuille Gateau :

  • Roll out the pastry 2m.m thick into on even sides square.
  • Roll up carefully on a rolling pin & unrolled onto a greased dampened baking sheet.
  • Using two-fourth pieces as many holes as possible.
  • Cut in half with a large knife then cut each of into two to from even side’s rectangle.
  • Bake in a hot oven at 220°C (425°F) for about 15 to 20 minutes. Turn the strip over after 10 minutes allow cooling.
  • Keep the best strip for the top spread pastry cream on the strip.
  • Place another strip on top and spread with jam.
  • Place the third strip on top and spread with pastry cream.
  • Place the last strip on top, flat side up.
  • Press down firmly with the flat fray.
  • Decorate by feather icing as follows.
  • Warm the fondant to the blood heat and correct the consistency with sugar syrup is necessary.
  • Separate the little fondant into two colors and place in paper cornets.
  • Pour the fondant over the mille feuille in an even coat.
  • Immediately pipe on one of the color lengthwise in strips 1c.m apart.
  • Quickly pipe on the second color between each line on the first.
  • With the back of the small knife wippen of an each stroke mark down the slice at 2c.m intervals.
  • Quickly turn the slice around and repeat in the same direction with storks in between the previous once.
  • Allow to set and firm the edges neatly.
  • Cut into even portions with the sharp cling bladed knife. Dip into hot water and wipe the clean after each.


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