JALOUSIE Recipe Preparation Method

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JALOUSIE Recipe Preparation Method


Ingredients   for JALOUSIE

  • Flour                            200gms
  • Fat                               120gms
  • Salt                               5gms

Preparation Method for JALOUSIE

  • Roll out  one third of the pastry 3min thick into a strip 25 ´10cm and place on a greased. Dampered baking sheet.
  • Pierce with the fork moisten the edges.
  • Spread down the filling . leaving 2c.m free all the way round
  • Roll out the remaining two third of the pastry to the same size.
  • Fold in half length wise. With a sharp knife cut slits across the fold about ½ c.m apart to with in 2c.m oh the edge.
  • Carefully open out this strip and neatly place. Onto the fruit strip.
  • Heaten and decorate the edge. Brush with egg wash.
  • bake at 220°F 425°F) for about 25 to30 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with icing sugar and return to a very hot oven to glaze.