GULAB JAMOON Recipe Preparation Method

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GULAB JAMOON Recipe Preparation Method


           Ingredients for Gulab Jamoon

  • Flour                                                                 20gms
  • Maw                                                                  75gms
  • Sugar                                                                75gms
  • Cardamom powder                                          a pinch
  • Water                                                                35ml
  • Rose water                                                       2drops
  • Soda bicarbonate                                             a pinch
  • Fat                                                                    to fry

Preparation Method for Gulab Jamoon :

  •  Prepare syrup of one string consistency with water and sugar adds rose water.
  • Pass the kola flour soda knead make dough and mould.
  • Pass the maw through a sieve add cardamom and little cold water in which the soda bi carbonate has been dissolved.
  • Make a soft dough without  kneading
  • Divide in equal portion and shape in small box.
  • Dry in deep fat fill light golden brown the frying should done on  a very slow fires fat should be stirred consistency.
  • Remove cool for a short white and put into the cold syrup.